Thursday, April 8, 2010


Time to join Lori @Family Friday and see what everyone has posted about members of their families.  Today I'm featuring a story of my husband Gary.

Gary born Nov 4, 1944.  The youngest of 6 children.  Born in St. Louis, MO.  When Gary was 4 years old his Mother moved to Kansas City, his Dad left the family so he never knew his Dad.

His Mom Hazel went to work in a factory to earn money to take care of the six children.  She bought a home and made a good life for their family.  In 1951 there was a hugh flood in Kansas City and wiped out hundreds of homes, theirs being one of them.  All of the photos at the time were destroyed so the earliest picture of Gary is when he is about 7. 
First pic Gary and his brother and  a friend are going fishing with their cane poles. Gary is in the middle.
Next pic his Gary and his Bro. Kenny playing cowboys-got his holster and guns.   Gary started playing guitar when he was about 14 or 15 years old.  This is a pic of his frist guitar-Sears & Roebuck for $6.00.           The one on the sofa must have been taken in Jr. High with his letter jacket on with a friend.  During his teen years he was a competitive dance roller skater.  All those pictures have been lost.  He loved to work on cars, played  neighborhood football and go to teen-town, where he often played guitar.  When he was older he was in a rock-n-roll band. 

During the Viet Nam war he was going to be drafted so he enlisted in the Air Force, this was right at the same time we were dating, so we got married between basic training and technincal school.

We spent 4 years during the Air Force in Albuquerque, New Mexico,  We traveled everywhere in the south and really had a wonderful time.

Here is one of Gary and one of his favorite cars.  The other pic is our second Wedding Anniversary.

After the Air Force we moved back to Kansas City.  Gary went to college and receieved two bachelors degrees and a Masters in Emergency Medicine.  We also had two children, he coached little league baseball for both kids and went to plenty of Father-Son and Father-Daughter activities all through school, including their college days.    He went to work for the Fire Dept.-started on the first Emergency Unit (Para Medic) .  Worked for 32 years for the Fire Dept., became the Chief of the Emergency Care Unit here and managed 40 employees until he retired.  He spends his days now collecting and shooting fire arms, going to a woodworking club, being a faithful Church member, playing his guitar and being a wonderful Papa spoiling his four grandchildren.

This is a picture right before he retired.  Hopefully you have gotten through my story, it's a little long but I could probably go on forever.  Ann


Miri said...

Thanks for this wonderful tale of your Gary! Loved seeing the pictures of him as a boy out fishing, playing guitar and then the best-with you in the engagement photos!(Loved your hair!)

Fun Fun VTT post!

Peterson Family said...

I loved seeing all the pics. I just love your second wedding anniversary pic. It is soooo sweet! Thanks for introducing us to your hubby today! What a wonderful life you two have shared!

Amy said...

thanks for joining in with Lori and I this week. Wow I am so happy he was in the air force and took care of all of us.. Thanks for joining in..
If you live in the U.S.A. Stop by my Round Robin today and enter to win since you joined in for Family Fridays...

Thanks again..
Have a great weekend..

Mary said...

Cool story, Ann. I enjoyed the pictures and what an interesting life you hubby has lived so far. I got to live at Sandia Air Force Base for a little while when I was a little girl and loved it.

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