Monday, April 19, 2010

Blue Monday

Blue Monday's here and it's time to join Sally @ all of our blue posts.

Today I want to share a little angel that a friend of mine gave me several years ago.  I always had the desire to sing but didn't feel I was really good enough to join our church choir.  I stepped out on faith one day and found a voice teacher, boy that wasn't easy.  I took private lessons for about a year and then auditioned for the church choir. 

I made it into the choir and when we produced a "live CD" from our church one of my dear Red Hat friends (Ruthie) who had encouraged me to go ahead and take lessons came to the taping.

She brought me this angel as a gift, I love it.Her little tag says "dreams come true" and on the other side "believe".
I keep her by my computer and see her every day.

Have a wonderful Blue Monday.



Amy said...

Oh that is such a nice Blue gift.. Happy MOnday..

SmilingSally said...

What a lovely friend Ruthie is! I love the story and the doll. Keep on making music! Happy Blue Monday.

Beth said...

The angel is fabulous! What a special friend you have!

Manang Kim said...

A truly blue angel. Beautiful!

BlueMonday~Blue Jars

Baba said...

Hi Ann, your Angel doll is so cute and a wonderful gift from your friend.. Baba

© Jennifer Raley said...

Happy Blue Monday! That is a neat neat story! And a great way to remember it ... thanks! :) Jenn, again.

Queenmothermamaw said...

That is a great story. How wonderful of your friend to walk beside you for the choir support you needed. Been shopping for bottle swap. I just reread the directions and think I have the idea now.I believe it will work. Blessings

Rose Farnsworth Davis said...

Lovely, lovely post Ann.
I'm a new follower and fellow Kansan... at heart anyway. I was raised in Mcpherson KS and have family there still, in the Kansas City area too.
Your red hat profile pic reminds me of one of my teacup artdolls! I shall enjoy popping in from time to time!
Have a blessed day... Rose

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