Monday, November 9, 2015

The Mamas & The Papas - Monday Monday

How many remember this great song from the 1960's? I LOVED it and still do.
Notice the blue in the clothing!!!
Are you singing along yet?

Just got back from a trip to my Moms and saw this bench at a local convenience/gas station.

Wouldn't this look great in a Man-Cave!!
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Wednesday, November 4, 2015


For letter Q the word quaking comes to mind, Halloween was a fun time here with our granddaughter and grandnieces and grandnephews.

 Aren't you QUAKING with fear looking those kids? NOT, the mask in the middle actually bled red fluid though!!

From Royals player, frogs, little princesses, Buzz Lightyear, Batman, Stormtrooper and scarry guy we had the neighborhood QUAKING in the boots with smiles.

AND OUR CITY was quaking yesterday with 800,000 KC ROYALS FANS!!!!!

This is the crowd at Union Station. We actually were on the parade route, got there at 9 am for the 12:00 parade so we got from row standing.

Me, daughter and granddaughters ready to shout!

Parade route.
Proud of our fans, out of 800,000 only 3 arrests for disorder and 1 hospital call-a woman went into labor.

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Monday, November 2, 2015


Well the 30 years have passed and the Kansas City Royals are World Champions.  What a classy group of guys, they support each other and exemplify to the whole city what courage and determination is. They are the come back team. So nice to win 2 games in New York!!!!

We made the World Series last year but lost in the 7th game.

A huge parade is planned for tomorrow and I'm trying to figure out which shuttle to take.

Salvadore Perez was named MVP of the series, here he is with his new car.

Salvador is the catcher and has a heart as big as the crown he now wears.

Our season was remarkable, we won  our division by 11 games and then won in both play off division games coming back in the 7th- 9th innings!!!!

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Friday, October 23, 2015


The month of October is a busy one here in Kansas City.  I adore all the color in our trees and the cool of the air. Allergy season is ending - thanks goodness.

Featuring a fall picture today that my double-cousin painted for our house last year.

Our lives have been so busy with my Mom living with us as my sister having open heart surgery earlier this month.  Here is KK wearing a pink wig in Cardiac Care sporting her pink wig--breast cancer survivor also.

She is scheduled to go back to her home next Wednesday, she is certainly excited.

Another thing about October "I'ts Baseball".  Our Kansas City Royals are in the ALCS playoffs games 6 tonight. We need to WRAP this thing up and on to play the Mets.

Hoping to get back to blogging more now since KK and Mom are going to resume their lives.



Thursday, October 8, 2015

Major Surgery

Today is the letter M and my entry is major surgery. I have not posted for several weeks because one of my younger sister is going through quite a medical dilemma.

She has been suffering from swelling of the limbs and problems with major organs for over a year. In the small town hospital the doctors were not able to diagnose the problem.  A week ago she was transferred by ambulance to a hospital here and after 3 days a diagnose was obtained.

She had pericarditis which is the calcification of the sac around the heart. When this occurs the heart is constricted and not able to beat freely and supply the body with needed blood flow. It is caused by an infection/virus that becomes attached to the heart.

It is open heart surgery and took 6 hours to remove the calcification.

If  you want to learn more you can read here

The doctors say they only see one in every couple of months and is quite risky.  To say the least it has been quite a stressful week for all of especially my Mom who is in her late eighties.

KK is now out of ICU and is on her way to healing, Cardiac therapy starts in a few days.

A picture of my Mom and Sis KK after surgery.

Know it's a heavy post, but I wanted to document what happened to my sweet sister.


Tuesday, September 22, 2015


ABC Wednesday this week is on the letter K.  Kaleidoscope is defined by any complex pattern of frequency changing shapes and colors.

The name comes from Greek words - beautiful and shape. The Kaleidoscope toy was invented consisting of a tube containing mirrors of pieces of glass.

Did you have one as a child? I did and it was a favorite of mine.

As we were passing a fall garden yesterday the word Kaleidoscope came to my mind.

Thanks go out to the ABC WEDNESDAY team for their great work!!!!


Tuesday, September 15, 2015

J is for jammin

My J words this week:  jammin, joyous, joy, jewelry, jovial and jeans.

My Sister is in the health care industry and each year there is a fund raiser for KU Medical Center. The event is called "Treads and Threads" and is held at the Kansas Speedway.

She invited us and some others for the joyous event.  Sister is 2nd from left and I am next to her.

Here we are in our black-tie finery NO jeans allowed. Lots of sparkling jewelry though.

We were jammin to the "Bare Naked Ladies".

Many 5 Star Restaurants served all the food and drinks you could hold for the evening.

We had a jovial time watching the jeweled-toned fireworks.

Since 2002 they have raised over $8,000,000.  Many of the contributions coming from companies in our State.

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