Friday, February 17, 2017

Photo Bus

We attended the annual Valentine Banquet at our church and this year they acquired a Photo Booth in a very cool vintage van.

Of course there were plenty of props--such a fun booth.

A big ole shiny glittery heart as the background.

A fun event with delicious food and entertainment. Met a few new couples too.


Tuesday, February 14, 2017


I'm sharing some ancestry today, it is so fascinating to me and I hope you find it interesting.

One of my paternal grandparents was Patrick Fletcher, we were always told he was from Ireland.  After doing months of research and DNA we have discovered that his direct ancestor and my 9th great-grandfather.  Moses Fletcher was one of the signers of the Mayflower Contract.

I found this graphic that shows where all of the Pilgrims originated from.

Moses lived in Sandwich England by 1599, he was the Sexton of St. Peter from 1604-1606 but was excommunicated  by the church three time.  He buried one of his daughters in a manner that the church did not approve of.  Moses left England and  moved to Holland in 1613 and worked as a "smith"

To escape religious freedom he became a passenger on the "Mayflower". It is not clear if he took his family but I do see first names of family members on the manifest but do not know if they were his family.

Like many of those first pilgrims he lost his life that first winter.  Many of his children followed on additional ships in the years afterward.

The monument in Plymouth, Massachusetts to honor the passengers of the "Mayflower".

Now I have a good reason to travel to this area of our country, very excited to see this in person.

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Friday, February 10, 2017

Christmas clearance

I try to pick up Christmas decorations at an extreme discount each year after the holiday.  This year I purchased a few items-mainly wrapping paper, boxes and bags.

I found this glitz-ed out deer head and decided I would like to use it to hang my gold jewelry on for all year.

He looks so cute hanging in my sewing room holding some of my gold necklaces.  He or (she) makes me smile.



Saturday, February 4, 2017

Chicken wire

I just love creating things with chicken wire, it molds so easily--just be careful of the sharp ends when you use your cutters.

I made a wire-dress form for my sewing room and sometimes dress her in holiday embellishments.

Today she is wearing a red jacket for Red Heart Day.

Been playing around with making cloches too.

My sewing room is my room where all my pretties are and I feel so happy in there. Many collections and things that my mom and grandmother sits on these shelves.

Hope you are enjoying your Saturday and making something special.  Linking with


Wednesday, January 25, 2017


How do we connect with others today?  My Dad who passed away in 1992 would not believe what has changed in twenty five years.

During my work on I have connected with a second cousin. We are now sharing pictures and stories of our heritage on phone, e-mail, tweets, texts and would love to connect in person but we live about 20 hours apart.

Connecting with friends and family in person is always the best-- a hand shake--a hug- attending a special event for someone would be best.

Church is a great place to connect.

A special meal:

Even a fun game:

Today I'm connecting with all you great ABC bloggers!

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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Fun game

Over the holidays we had the best time playing a new game.  You could play this anytime you wanted to-not just Christmas.  I can imagine this with Easter treats to.

"Christmas Ball game"

You start with a layer of saran wrap and add a few goodies--candy--anything really for fun. Start rolling a ball and adding more goodies every layer. Ours had batteries, hand sanitizer and money for examples.

The added fun is you have to unroll when it is your turn using a variety of hand covers--mitts-gloves-mittens. A timer is set and you try to unroll-whatever falls out is yours by the time the timer goes off.

Some of us tried it blindfolded. Not I.

Some onlookers--ages 5 to 90 participated!!!!!

We had the best time all together!!



Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Are You Ready?

ARE we ready for round 20??

I'm putting on my thinking cap and am going to make an effort to stay ahead and keep up every week.

Get out those ABC blocks and study those dictionaries!! Hopefully we will get someone to keep up with the meme and I have so appreciated Denise, Roger, Leslie, Gattina, Melody, Joyce, Di, Pheno and Troy for their great work.

I tell you one thing I AM ready for and that is the NFL Playoffs. Our beloved Kansas Chiefs are in the AFL and we are only two steps away from the Super Bowl!!!!!!

2017 is up and running and I hope to enjoy the next 26 weeks with you!!!

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