Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Today I am joining Liz at Bramberry Cottage for "Fourteen Days of Love"
Day 2:  "On Angels Wings"
Angels are of my very favorite things.
I use them outside in my garden and all through my house. I feel everyone has a guardian angel to protect them.  Here are some of my angels, I have more in the garden in the summer.
I love my angels in the house two, here are a few. 
I made some angels wings in December and used them for Christmas, I'll probably use them again for another holiday.

Thank you Liz, this will be fun for the next few weeks.

Tin and Sparkle


Donna said...

I love all of your beautiful angels. I love being surrounded by my angels. I could take pictures all day of angels around my house.
Thanks for visiting my blog and now I am a follower of yours!

Anonymous said...

Those angel wings are adorable! Neat idea! And I love sheet music. I guess Valentine's is in the wrong season or we're in the wrong time zone for several people have their summer angels packed away. Y'all will have to post about them in the summer! Enjoyed your post. Thanks. Jenn

Brambleberry Cottage said...

Ann, the angel wings you made from sheet music are wonderful! They made me instantly think of "Heark the Herald, Angels Sing". I'm glad you joined the party. Please do come again!


Marilyn said...

Thanks for stopping by and visiting me. I love your outdoor angels and I think I want a pair of wings now. I'm seeing so many things made with sheet music. However, I wouldn't want to cut my music up but would have to make copies for crafts as cute as yours. Thanks for the inspiration.

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