Friday, February 5, 2010


Continuing on with "Fourteen Days of Love" with Liz @Brambleberry Cottage.
Day 5 is Seeing Red.

My first entry is a card that my Mother made probably in about 1938.  I found this in a box of cards that my Grandma kept that she had receieved over the years.  My Mom must have made this for her mom and dad for valentines day since it is in the sharp of a heart.  My grandmother kept boxes of momentos and I'm the one who really had an interest in anything like this, so they all went to me a few years ago when she passed away.  The outside of her card with little red flowers.

I also inclued a few pictures of some old cards I had kept, I think the little kitty with the red bow tie is so cute.  My favorite bookmark decked out in red.
Finally my daughter created a calendar for me for 2009 and each month had pictures of my granddaughtes, I haven't got the HEART to throw it out.

Hope everyone has  fun seeing RED.

aNNAnn @ Tin and Sparkle


Donna said...

Love your reds!

Beansieleigh said...

Hi Ann! I feel like I posted here already.. Did I make an error somehow? Oh dear.. It would not surprise me! Well, I always love the sweet sentimental things so I LOVE that you saved the little note from your mother! That little kitty valentine is adorable, and love your calendar too! Enjoy your weekend! ~tina

Anonymous said...

I was backing up to yesterday's Brambleberry posts that I didn't get to see and thought for a minute I was on the wrong page! (Your pink post showed up and I'm also looking at those today.) That card of your mom's is neat and that you got it from your grandmother makes it even more neat and special. I wouldn't throw out the calendar. Next time...Jenn

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