Friday, June 7, 2013

North Pole - Denver, Colorado

We visited The North Pole park in Denver, Colorado with our Grandson, Son and DIL and really enjoyed this fun family destination.

The tram takes you from your car into the park.

It sets in such a beautiful spot, right in middle of the gorgeous mountains!!

This one is my DIL taking a picture of us  taking a picture of them.
The park has great shopping, eating, and lots of rides for children and some for adults too.

Our Grandson posing for a picture for Nana.

I DO NOT like ferris wheels but I agreed to ride because my Grandson wanted me too--look at the attendants face--he is getting a good laugh out of it!!!!
When your at the top of the ferris wheel--and your already on top of the mountain--it looks REALLY high.

The day ended with our Grandson having a heart-to-heart with Santa.  This park is open year round and such a fun place for families.

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Maria C said...

I haven't been to an amusement park in several years. My sons are now young adults and think they are way too cool for this. I'm not into roller coasters or scary rides, but I do like strolling in these parks and wondering to different booths. The people-watching is pretty good!

Annesphamily said...

Hi Ann! When my kids were small they loved the North Pole! That Santa had been there for many,many years! The park is situated at the base of Pikes Peak and that ferris wheel is really high up but I love getting to the top and looking around. A nice memory, thanks for sharing!

Marilyn said...

My mom and I took Sarah there when she was little and we had a great time. Now I wonder--where was my dad and Sarah's daddy!!? Must have been working while the girls were playing.♥♫

Miss Kitty said...

This looks like a really fun place!My son lives in Fort Collins, Colorado which is north of Denver. Maybe I should go visit this place next time I am out there. Thanks for letting us know about it.

Little Susie Home Maker said...

I have been taking my kids to Santa's Workshop for years and even visited there as a child myself! It is a really fun and pretty place. I believe this is the same park it looks like it from the pictures. The park I am speaking of is south of Denver and West of Colorado Springs in Cascade. Is this the same place? I love to buy a Christmas ornament with a picture of the kids on Santa's lap. Thanks for you prayers with the Colorado Wildfires.

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