Saturday, June 8, 2013

Capalta Tree

On my daily walk around my neighborhood I take a different route each day. I'm walking about 4 miles a day.  This specific day I spotted this GORGEOUS tree I wasn't familiar with.  Some of you will recognize this tree immediately but this is NOT a common tree here in Kansas.

They have the sweetest pink centers of the white clusters of flowers.
This neighbor had two enormous Capalta trees in their front yard. Me being a lover of all things green have already ordered some Capalta seeds from ebay and a fellow blogger I found while looking for a description of the tree has offered to send me a seedling!!!
These trees look like they have been here for ages but I'm willing to give it a try.
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Marilyn said...

My grandma and grandpa had one of these trees and it is still growing and blooming. It must have been planted in the 1940s. My mom does NOT like the tree, but my brother and I love it. Ours finishes blooming around the 4th of July every year. You will enjoy watching it grow. I even moved a seedling to my house, but the cats kept using it for a scratching post and killed that trunk. However, another sprout has started so there is hope my will grow up again. Have a wonderful weekend.♥♫

My name is Riet said...

That tree looks familiar to me but I don't know where I saw it. Must google give it a try.Happy pink Saturday

dana said...

Beautiful trees!! Are the blooms white or pale pink? I can't tell on my computer.. .but I can tell they're gorgeous!

Great job walking 4 miles/day!! I'm proud of you!! Yay...that would be awesome if you decided to try running!! If you do (and haven't before) here's a link to the plan I used three years ago to build up to running a 5K distance.

It's a great way to slowly build yourself up to doing that! Of course, tons of folks also complete that distance doing a run/walk approach (ie run for 3 min./walk for 2 min.....whatever combo works for them). In the fall, 5 of us elder runners are doing the 1/2 marathon portion of the KC Marathon. I'm pretty sure we're gonna do the run/walk approach for that. My goal is to run 4min. then walk a min., over and over til we've covered 13.1 miles. My dream would to be able to totally run it, but on this first one, I'll be thrilled to complete it doing the run/walk approach cuz it will still be very challenging.

Keep up the great work!! HPS!! Dana

Judy said...

Hi Ann...Yes, those look like the catalpas we have around here also...the ones here are very large old trees...and they put out a lot of seeds each year which produce many seedlings...they are blooming at the moment...J

Judy said...

I've put some photos of the trees blooming in my blog entry June 13...

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