Monday, April 30, 2012

Blue Monday - Roses are full

My roses on the side of our home (where we can't enjoy from our deck)  are in full bloom.    I cut some this weekend and brought them indoors to enjoy.

My blue and white flower plot looks so pretty with a large bouquet of roses.

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Have a good week.


Saturday, April 28, 2012

Pink Saturday - Starter for Peonies

I have a wonderful neighbor and her name is Melva.  She has a peony bush in bloom and today she gave me a start of her white and PINK peonies.  I will plant the starters tomorrow.  I cut a pink and white flower to add the frangrance to my house.

Theres two or three buds too.

Hope you are enjoying this beautiful Saturday.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

ABC Wednesday - Letter O

My word today for ABC Wednesday is ORNATE.

Aren't these beautiful examples of ORNATE lettering.  How often do we see this in use today.  Maybe on an elegant wedding invitation.

My husband and I are both members of our local Woodworking Guild, this is an example of ORNATE Intarsia created by David Roth from our guild.  He uses lots of differnt colors of wood to achieve this fabulous results.

His inspiration was this drawing by Leonardo da Vinci.

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Monday, April 23, 2012

Blue Monday

I'm doing a lot of work on my new blog "Lest We Forget" and this picture came to mind for Blue Monday.  You can visit my new blog on my sidebar.

This picture was taken of my Granda Jewell (in the middle) and my two great-aunts Bertha and Dorothy.  Didn't my Grandma have the sweetest smile ever!!! We all miss her so much.

The blue scallop on the house is to cute and Grandma and Dorothy are both wearing blue tops.

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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Pink Saturday - Some Pink Trivia

How many remember this album?   My husband loves everything about the PINK PANTHER.  We loved to listen to this album and watch the Pink Panter movies. Such fun.

We still have shelves of albums and can't see getting rid of them any time soon.


Agent Clouseau to the Clerk:     Does your dog bite?

Clerk:                                          No

Agent Clouseau                          Bends down to pet dog - dog bites him

Agent Clouseau to Clerk             I thought you said your dog dont bite.

Clerk:                                           Thats not my dog!!!!!

Think I'll rent this movie this week.


Thursday, April 19, 2012

Vintage Thingie Thursday

I haven't been shopping in awhile for new (I mean old stuff)  to share with you lately.  But I did find one item at a thrift store going out of business last week.

I found this old spool of white thread that I really like.

I sat it on top of an old wooden spool and also used a green roll of thread. I like the way the green top  of the white spool matches the green thread.   Added a few pieces of old jewelery I had.  I sat this on my craft table.  Seems to add a little inspiration when I'm working on projects.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

ABC Wednesday - Letter N

Do you like your NICKNAME? Did you get tagged with a nickname that fits you?

NICKNAME is a pet name, label, diminutive, epithet, sobriquet, familiar name, moniker or monicker (slang) handle (slang)
Collins Thesaurus of the Eng. language

After researching on the internet I found so many fun quizzes, games to play to see if your NICKNAME fits your personality.

Almost everybody thats well-known gets tagged with a NICKNAME - Alan Alda

These are some of the NICKNAMES that I thought of as I did this post.

Old Blue Eyes
Honest Abe
The Boss
The Duke
King of Rock n Roll

The States of the US - all have NICKNAMES:

Kansas - The Sunflower State
Missouri - Show Me State

I don't find these to complementary.

Do you or did you ever call your little girl your

There are thousands of example of NICKNAMES out there and so much fun researching some of them.



Sunday, April 15, 2012

Blue Monday

Been doing a lot of work in the yard and want to feature my Hens and Chicks.  They are spreading out nicely this spring.

They are spilling out of the blue ceramic flower pot.

The flower pot has plenty of blue bugs crawling every which way!

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Friday, April 13, 2012

Pink Saturday and Seasonal Sunday

In honor of Thomas Kincaid who passed away this week, I wanted to share one of my favorite paintings by him.
My hubby bought this for Christmas for me several years ago.

The title is "The Light of Peace", I really love all of his work. I adore the Christmas scenes he painted and all of the country homes and gardens.

Iris in my front yard have bloomed and few more have opened this week.

It has touches of PINK in the centers.
There are more buds. Yipee!!

Looking forward to a very special wedding today and church tomorrow.


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

ABC Wednesday - M is for Monarch

Kansas Prairie
                                                                          M is for MONARCH

Monarch is such a beautiful butterfly and we see many of them in Kansas.  The Monarch is also known as the Milkweed Butterfly.

I did  some research on wickipedia and found out some interesting facts:

The Monarch can be found in a wide range of habitats such as fields, meadows, prairies (Kansas), parks, gardens and roadsides.  The milkweed is the host plant.

Each fall clouds of 70 million Monarchs fly from a small mexican village (Anganqueo) and migrate the fartherst distance than any other butterly.  Anganquo is where the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve is located.

Aren't they exqusite!!!!

I have quite a few in my yard in the fall around my Sedum Plants.

 A local school in our district has a Butterly Garden.
It was developed as a habitat for Monarch and all other butterflies.  The garden has plenty of Milkweed which is the only plant that Monarchs will lay their eggs on.  Kindergarten and Preschool students get hands on science experience of watching the entire life cycle of a butterfly.  They can see the eggs, watch the caterpillars grow bigger and see the cocoon and eventually the adult butterlies.   Their goal is to help the children appreciate nature.  They teach the  children not to pick or damage plants because that plant is home to many animals. 

The schools mascot is also the Monarch and my daughter taught their for a number of years.

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Sunday, April 8, 2012


Christ the Lord has risen today,  Hallelujah!!!

The Easter eggs I made for each of their Easter egg collections.

My girls bags filled with candy.
We're having our Easter dinner at 5:00 today which is a change from our usual time. We usually have it right after church but this way we have had the afternoon to prepare more of the dinner.

Our newest great nephew--didn't do any egg hunting.
Our crew posing after searching for their eggs.

Enjoying her barbeque Brisket.

That looks like some story dosen't it!!!

We all enjoyed being together. Hope your Easter was a memorable one.



Friday, April 6, 2012

Pink Saturday - Easter Post - Royal Purple

This year I decided to create a focal point for my front yard on Good Friday.  I took some old wood garden stakes and created a cross.  I drape the cross with purple fabric.

The purple represents Christ's Royalty and purity.  He is the KING OF KINGS and LORD of LORDS.  Purple was reserved for the eartly kings of Rome of that day and the color purple was very expensive to make so it is symbolic of all the Christ has done for us.

Also displayed on my front porch is my Easter flag.

Have a glorious Easter weekend.


Tuesday, April 3, 2012


L is the letter for ABC Wednesday this week.  My LILACS are in full bloom. The lucious scent lingers in the yard as we work in our gardens.

Their are clusters of purple and white ones.

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