Monday, December 3, 2012

22 Days to Christmas

I'm going to be sharing my Christmas Decorations leading up to Christmas Eve.  I decorated my sunroom with burlap and white this year.

All of the sunroom windows are white so my white faux fireplace looks really nice in there.

I made burlap stockings and trimmed them with white and sliver ribbon. I wrapped my mineature trees with burlap also.  Burlap was also wrapped around the vintage thread spools on the smaller trees. My new LED lights really make it bright.
Used lots of greenery and silver balls as accents.  And my silver star leads the way to Bethlehem.
I have a vintage gas heater with the old bricks--don't really use it- inside the faux fireplace and decorated it with sprigs of greenery.
Jute hangers for my wreaths with my burlap bows that I made.
Been having a wonderful time decorating. Have a really good Monday.
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The Quintessential Magpie said...

Girl, you have been a busy bee! And I am so impressed that you MADE your stockings! Great job, Ann! It all looks so cute and Christmasy!



Jenny's Heart said...

Wintery Wonderland. I LOVE it!

Cody Stephens said...

I love the blue lights! Just like those burlap stockings, LED lights are eco-friendly. They are cost-efficient as well, and save tons on utility expenditures.

Cody Stephens

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