Wednesday, May 3, 2017


Per Google, a quarter is each of four equal parts into which something can be divided.

 1.  A period of 15 minutes or a point of time making the transition from one fifteen-minute period to      the next.

2.  A coin representing 25 cents, one fourth of a US dollar.

3.  One fourth of a measure of weight.

I could list numerous definitions but today I'm going to focus on 15 minute intervals.

I spent eight of those 15 minute intervals working in one of my gardens yesterday.   I'm planning on making a perennial  garden.  It now houses my vintage windmill and Mr. Tin Man.  I'm planning on moving my peonies there and adding some miniature roses.  It sets in the center of our yard so I'm looking forward to the scents fill the yard.

I alternated from a shovel to a hoe and taking breaks at those quarters pulling up weeds!!!! Next is newspaper and mulch. I took some breaks on that little yellow chair that is still sitting there!

It's been raining here in the Midwest for the past week and we got a break yesterday so I could work. It's back to raining again but hope to get back out there soon.

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LV said...

We need the rain in Texas, so send it this way. We did get about a cup full today. Water bill going up as trying to save yard. Take care and enjoy your flowers.

Melody Steenkamp said...

plenty of rains here lately... wishing you (and us here) less water so we can work in the gardens ;-)

Roger Owen Green said...

good use of your time!


Theresa said...

That's a good way to do anything, a quarter at a time:). Love your garden work. Thanks for visiting me today. Hugs

Joy said...

I like your windmill. Neat project which I think will bring much enjoyment.

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