Sunday, January 15, 2017

Fun game

Over the holidays we had the best time playing a new game.  You could play this anytime you wanted to-not just Christmas.  I can imagine this with Easter treats to.

"Christmas Ball game"

You start with a layer of saran wrap and add a few goodies--candy--anything really for fun. Start rolling a ball and adding more goodies every layer. Ours had batteries, hand sanitizer and money for examples.

The added fun is you have to unroll when it is your turn using a variety of hand covers--mitts-gloves-mittens. A timer is set and you try to unroll-whatever falls out is yours by the time the timer goes off.

Some of us tried it blindfolded. Not I.

Some onlookers--ages 5 to 90 participated!!!!!

We had the best time all together!!



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