Thursday, April 2, 2015

Long ago

This week for the letter L I am featuring, lady-like  longer Easter clothes of long ago. Our choir director wanted us to dress in 1930's clothing and everyone caught the vision!!!!!

We are singing  "Ain't No Grave Can Hold This Body Down", an old southern gospel song and we are doing three versions.

We did a video shoot last weekend and this will be shown on the big screens during the songs.

Some lads and lassies were there to add another element for our video.  Our director was able to secure a one-room church built in the early 1900's to serve as our meetin place.

That is me in the very front carrying the purse. We had the old cardboard fans and waved our vintage hankies.

Doesn't  this little guy look so adorable!!

We are all excited to sing this weekend.

My Sistah's and Me

Sistah you better get cho ticket if you wanna ride!!

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Sarah Beth said...

Y'all are FABULOUS!! What a wonderful idea... I'm sure the congregation will be singing along! I remember those "church fans" from my childhood when we visited my grandparents each summer -- no air conditioning in the one room church! Have a glorious Easter!

Trubes said...

I'm just LOVING this, what a LOVELY idea,, you all LOOK fabulous.

Happy Easter,
Best wishes,
ABCW team.

LV said...

What a super idea and you ladies certainly represent another time very well. You did yourself proud.
Blessings to you and family Easter.

photowannabe said...

Oh Ann, this is fabulous.

What an amazing way to celebrate Easter.

Wish I could hear your choir sing that song.

Thanks for dropping by my blog. I do miss ABC Wednesday, but just can't seem to get my motor going again...(:0)

Ann said...

I'm going to try and record it.

Roger Owen Green said...

definitely period garb!


Annesphamily said...

Oh I love your vintage clothing and those hats! I so love hats! You all look beautiful and the men as well, so handsome! What a beautiful time you are in for!

Deborah Kay at The Paint Splash said...

Great pictures sis. I have tried to find your video and cant😟

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