Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Dog days of summer

Here in the Northern Hemisphere  we are experiencing "THE DOG DAYS OF SUMMER".  I did some research on Wikipedia and found out some background of the phrase.

I always knew this was the hottest part of the summer but this clears some up for me.

In the Farmers Almanac it says that there are normally 40 days of the least rainfall during this time period fom July 3rd to Aug 11

In folklore the heat caused the dogs to go mad, the sea to boil, humans to have fevers and cause hysteria according to Clavis Galendaria in 1813.

My grass is not as green as usual and my flowers need lots of watering.

One other thing about the "dog days of summer" is that school is right around the corner and our annual tradition of buying school supplies has arrived.

DECISIONS, decisions--what colors to buy? What kind of backpack?

Yesterday we spent a few hours in the school supply isles picking out all of those special items.

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Black Jack's Carol said...

The grandkids and Grandpa (?) look very happy to pose for you. Funny how I remember and feel those dog days too. I was in Quebec for most of my youth and middle age, and the seasons there were distinct. Here in Vancouver, we still have the dog days but there's a different feel. And, now that I'm retired, i don't have that partly dreading and partly excited feeling of anticipating school that most kids and teachers experience. Lots to think about in your post. The more things change, the more they stay the same :)

LV said...

Indeed school is getting ready to start and it is so hot everywhere. We had a few nice days but now the heat is back on. Stay cool.

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

I think we have had some "dog days" here in the UK too this summer. Having a bit of respite at the moment though.

Roger Owen Green said...

We got a new lawn last month. Didn't need to eater yesterday- 2.5 inches in an hour!

Powell River Books said...

They may be the dog days of summer, but they are OK by me. I just wish they would last a little longer than normal, but then things would get too dry. I guess I can't have everything. - Margy

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