Saturday, July 26, 2014

Cruisin to 40

After returning from our 2014 vacation I thought I would share the photo as we embarked on our ship.

Our immediate family took a cruise to Cosumel and Progresso Mexico aboard the Carnival Cruise Line. We were celebrating our daughters 40th birthday. Our Son and family however could not come. Maybe next time. This was my hubby's and my first cruise and it won't be the last. He loved it and well as I.

I have many pictures, some underwater ones still being developed.  I will share many in the weeks to come.

Hope everyone is enjoying the last weeks of summer before school, our grands have 2 weeks left before it begins again.

Thanking Miss Beverly today for the PINK SATURDAY party.  Linking with PINK SATURDAY



bj said...

OOO, I love cruisin' so much but Mr. Sweet doesn't like it much. Not sure why.
I know you had a great time.

LV said...

My husband and I took several cruises years ago, and loved them then. Now, I am not too excited about them. Too much bad things happening. Glad you enjoyed yours.

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