Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Boat - Swamp that is

Just arrived home from a two week vacation on Carnival Cruise Lines. We docked out of New Orleans and spent some time there too.

One day we took a tour on Cajun Pride Swamp Tour BOAT in New Orleans. Since I missed the letter A, I'm showing my ALLIGATOR pictures also.

Here I am holding a baby alligator.

The swamp boat tour was around  1.5 hours and the tour guide called all of the alligators by name and they responded to his voice. Here he is feeding Lefty (he lost his left foot in a fight).

Peanut the Alligator

He also had snakes for us to hold, I WAS HAVING NO PART OF THAT!!!
Granddaughter Olivia had no problem.

The swamp is really a beautiful place, lots of wildlife to see.

We all took turns with the baby alligator!!!!

A graveyard on the swamp.

A cabin that has been there a long time, was redone after Katrina.

What a great adventure for all of us.

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Carver said...

Great shots. Looks fun and adventurous. I don't have a post for B this week but am visiting for the team. Carver, ABC Wed. Team

Roger Owen Green said...

I don't really want the snakes either!

Jenny's Heart said...

I have to agree there is a beauty to swamps, the few things I hate are the snakes, mosquitos and leeches....shiver just thinking of them. sounds like yall had fun.

Reader Wil said...

An interesting series of phoytos, Ann! Thank you!
Wil, ABCW Team

Vidhya V Rao said...

Very interesting read and pics ....that the alligators responded to his voice and he had names for guys are lot more brave holding the snake and the baby alligators...

Charuhas said...

That looks like fun. Wonderful photos.

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