Friday, August 3, 2012

New purchases

Pink Saturday is a fun day to share all of the new "must haves" we recently purchased or ones that have been stored away.

My granddaughters and I are getting ready to put a "fairy garden" together.  I have been looking at garden centers, thrift stores and sales for items for our garden.  At Hobby Lobby today I found this garden brick at 80% off.  How cute this will be in our garden.

The S is the first letter of their last name.

I also picked this pretty cigar box at an antique shop a few months ago.

I think the little pink cherubs are cute. I was going to cover it and decorate but I think I'll just store trinkets in it.

The heat still feels like Summer, but Hobby Lobby has all their shelves filled with fall and Christmas decorations!!!!!!

My grands start school Mon, Aug 13th.   They are saying "say it's NOT so!!".

for Pink Saturday.



Terra said...

You found a great focal point for your fairy garden. Can school really start in mid-August? Yikes, apparently it can. I am with your granddaughters on that!

LV said...

That rock is perfect for the garden. I agree with the kids, it is definitely too hot in Texas. No matter, school goes on.

The French Hutch said...

Hi Ann, I look forward to seeing your fairy garden after you get finished. I've thought about doing one too. You've found the perfect piece to start. Happy Pink Saturday……

The French Hutch

Mary said...

Great stone for your fairy garden. Would love to see pictures when it's done! said...

I'm sure they'll love the stone! I have some cigar boxes and a can that once held pipe tobacco - I love them all. Yours has a neat print with it - would be tough to cover that up. Mine sit on a shelf up high with trinkets around them - and sometimes, in them.

Happy Pink Saturday -Stay Cool! I opened the back door earlier and it was stifling hot outside - we're in Central Texas - it's just hot - we're needing and hoping for more rain ... as are so many!

Take car!

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

Thanks so much for your visit! When I was a child, we had a lot of those cigar boxes around as my dad smoked cigars! Now I would give my right arm for one! LOL!

romance-of-roses said...

OMG you will have so much fun making that fairy garden with your grand daughters. I made a couple but the raccoons destroyed one, they come here at night probably cause we have a fountain and sometimes they bathe. The rock with letter S is perfect for the garden. Hugs, Lu

Karin said...

Lovely pictures. I wish you luck with the garden-project :)

Lorraine said...

Oh, I love the idea of a fairy garden!! Look forward to seeing your pictures of it!! Thanks for sharing. Happy Pink Saturday!! ~Lorraine ♥♥♥

Jeanne, backyard neighbor said...

Ann, We so loved fairies when we were small. We built fairy houses in the sand and when we saw a big patch of moss our mother told us that is where the fairies danced at night. We believed every word. I still love fairies. Smile. Your fairy garden will be awesome. The stone with the S with flowers is so sweet. Your grands are very lucky.
xo, Jeanne

eJoops said...

How lovely!

My PINK, your comment is always highly appreciated! Have a great weekend.

chubskulit said...

Gorgeous! I am playing catch up with Pink Saturday, didn't want to miss all the beautiful entries this week.

Hope you'd come and see.
Have a blessed Sunday.


Gabriela Delworth said...


Love Tinkerbell!


Annesphamily said...

You are just a doll Ann! Those grand kids are not ready for school! I don't blame them! It is way too hot to be going to school and this heat wave is everywhere! I L O V E that cigar box. Goodness were those cool. I love the sweet cherubs on yours. Have a great week!

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