Wednesday, June 13, 2012


ABC Wednesday this week is the letter V.

My choice for V this week is VICTORIOUS.  VICTORY, VICTOR !!!!!!!.

The definition of victorious is a triumph over an obsticle.  One who defeats an adversary.


My sister Kathy has been going through a battle for the past eight weeks.  After being diagnosed with breast cancer she had a masectomy yesterday and she has OVERCOME and is a VICTOR.

Her lymph nodes were negative and she does not have to undergo any chemotherapy or radiation.

I felt there was no other V word that I could use for ABC Wednesday. Thank you for endulging some of my personal life.

Let's celebrate this victory!!

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luluberoo said...

Wow..very powerful. And a wonderful and uplifting use of "v".

May Kathy be victorious always!

Roger Owen Green said...

congrats to the sib!
ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Such wonderful news. Yes a celebration for this Victory for sure.
Give your sis a big hug from another survivor

Hannah said...

Victory indeed!! So happy for you all. My Grammy survived lymphoma at 83! All things are possible!

Carver said...

I'm so glad that your sister is doing so well. Carver, ABC Wed-Team

Nancy McCarroll - Arts, Crafts and Favorites said...

So glad to know she is ok. If she wants to talk about reconstruction in the future, send her my way. :o)


Debbie Jeffrey Taillieu said...

A true victory indeed!!
I myself have become victorious over cancer!! Two years ago I was diagnosed with level 4 Melanoma! Only found a small amount of cancer in the lymphnode they removed so I did have all those removed from my left groin. But 2 years later I am still Cancer FREE!!
All my best to you and your sister!

Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving your comment!!

Have a wonderful day,
Debbie's Travels

Shelia said...

Hi Ann! Yes, Victory for sure! I wish the best for your sister and glad to hear she's okay.
Thank you so much for popping in to see me.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

What great news Ann. A huge victory for your sister Kathy. Thank you for sharing this and for visiting with me too:-) Hugs

Tito Eric said...

I had just asked the Lord for her speedy and complete recovery. God bless!

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