Monday, March 14, 2011

Fence Post Friday and Blue Monday

Linking with two parties today
Last week we had beautiful clear weather.  Sunny BLUE skies, to add to BLUE MONDAY.   We decided to go out for lunch for mexican food. (our favorite).  We visited an urban part of town which has wonderful resturants.

I couldn't help but notice this unique fence I thought I could include on Fence Post FridayI guess it takes all kinds of fences, this one keeps the cars from driving over the railroad tracks. But I think a few cars have over estimated parking (don't you)......

Today we're back to winter, it's snowing, going to get around 2".  We're going to see-saw for a few weeks I guess.

Hopefully it's a bright BLUE monday where you are!!!!



SmilingSally said...

Love those blue skies!

Happy Blue Monday.

Mecky said...

I wish the nice weather was back for today, but it isn't. So I guess I am blue!
How much snow did you get? We didn't get any here. If we did, it was over night and gone now. Spring arrives back to Kansas tomorrow!
I love the color of the fence post!


LV said...

You are venturing out. This is a new one for me about fence post. You found just the right thing for both post today.

Joy said...

Great post!! Pretty blue skies, it is snowing here.

Jeanne said...

Hello Ann, the picket fence with the flowers is gorgeous. The blue skies are lovely to see. We too are still having winter weather with some blue skies here and there.

Thanks for the chuckle with the railroad protection fence. I'd say you are right about some overactive parking problems.
Happy Blue Monday.
Hugs, Jeanne

Splendid Little Stars said...

a rather unique green fence! It looks like some of those cars may have pushed out their boundaries!

Rebecca said...

I'd say no more snow-I hope it's over for us-ready for the 70 degree weather! Hope things are good with you!

Anitra Cameron said...

Let's see...the fence is bending over backwards to give the cars enough room, lol? Yeah, I'd say it took a whole bunch of, shall we say, depth-perception-challenged drivers to do that!

Thanks so much for joining in on the Friday Fence Post fun!

PS Your Tin Man is just to the right of where I'm typing. I absolutely LOVE him. =oD

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