Saturday, April 2, 2016


How many had a Lite-Brite when you were young?  We sure did and my kids had hours of enjoyment in it.

We "girls" took a trip to Branson over spring break and we visited "Ripley's believe or not". They had an enormous Lite-Brite.

You can see the two girls assembling their art work.

This was before our Jayhawks lost in the Elite 8.

I guess I will root for Oklahoma--since they are in the Big 12.

We also went to the Wax Museum and saw all our favorite movie stars.

"Life is like a box of chocolates". My girls sitting with Forrest Gump.



bj said...

How fun this looks...I love wax museums...I remember seeing a scary show once, a lifetime ago, about a wax museum so I am always just a tad bit scared when I'm in one...hahhaa...(i still love being scared....) and I LOVE Forest Gump

LV said...

One of my favorite places is Branson. When my husband was alive we went every year. Loved it. Have not been in years and they say it has changed. Hope to go back one day. Wax museums are neat. We have one not far from here. Last time I was there, the kids talked me in to going through maze. Never will I do that again.

Marcia said...

Love Forrest Gump, love lite-brite. Great picture!
Thank you for stopping by my page. Happy pinks!

Deanna said...

Hello! Blessings to you. I haven't been to Branson, but have that on my list of things to do. The wax museum is one place I will go see. Funny that I watched just last night Forrest is one of my favorite movies ever. LIFE is like a box of chocolates since you never know what you're going get. My boys did have a lite brite. Fascinated by it. All the best to you this Spring,

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

My children also had Lite Bright when they were young! The wax museum looked like fun!

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