Wednesday, June 24, 2015


It's always fun (ha ha) finding a good word for X.  I did some searching and found the word XENIAL.

It's not a word you use everyday but I found that it has a really good meaning.  Xenial means to be hospitable especially to strangers or foreigners.

It's easy to go out of our way to help members of our family if they need help but what about a stranger?

If someone needs help at the grocery reaching an item on the top shelf-do you help? Do you hold doors for strangers?  Have you ever randomly helped a stranger with an extra few dollars to meet their tab?  I have but not nearly enough!!!!

Here's a good quote I think that expresses the meaning.

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LV said...

I try to help anyone that needs help. I have a great compassion for the older folks. Seems they do not get the attention they should.

Reader Wil said...

Thank you for a beautiful post with a great idea. Of course I also like to help visitors. A few years ago I had two Polish couples from the Taizé community in Poland staying with me for half a week. One couple was very nice and caring, of the other couple the man was kind and very polite, but the woman was demanding, unsatisfied with a lot of things in our church and the daily services we attended every day. Once she slammed my doors when she came home. Well such visitors are disappointing even more because I had guests voluntarily, not to be payed for it. So do I help foreigners? Yes, but it depends...I don't want to be treated in a rude manner.My visitors have to accept my house and the rules of my house , and they have to accept me. You are very welcome, Ann!
Wil, ABCW Team.

Joy said...

A good word to think about and act upon in everyday life.

Carol Z said...

I try to be helpful, but thanks for the reminder to stretch myself when I can.

Annesphamily said...

Ann that is a great word to share today! when my grandson Colton graduated high school back in May 2015 one of the speakers said learn something new everyday. I have held fast to that and today I can say I learned a really cool new word! Thank you . I appreciate your thoughts and prayers too. Hugs, Anne

Roger Owen Green said...

What a wonderful word, and sentiment.


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