Saturday, June 6, 2015


Linking with Miss Beverly at PINK SATURDAY.

My Peony plants have bloomed and gone but I've got some pretty photos of my pinks.

The fragrance in our yard was wonderful--my very favorite flower.

Hope you all are doing well with the summer, we have had rain everyday for over 35 days. We do need some sunshine for my tomatoes!!!!



Annesphamily said...

Pretty pink peonies! Woo Hoo! Love it Ann!

Have a terrific weekend.

Anne xo

LV said...

I have had a variety of pink flowers but never a peony. I can tell you all about rain for 40 days and nights, so it seemed. Over night it stopped, sun came out and having 98 degree heat. One extreme to another.

Deborah Kay at The Paint Splash said...

Wow sis, that is a LOT of rain! it seems to be missing the farm... hopefully now that the wheat is almost ready it doesn't get soaked or hail. See you in a few weeks!!!!! lv u

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