Monday, February 9, 2015

Back home

We just returned from taking my Mom and Sister back to their home after three months of surgery's and therapy. They were so thankful to be back home.

We spent three days converting the rooms to handicap accessible. We de-cluttered closets and walkways so it would be more convenient for the both of them. 

My sister has lost 57 lbs so many of her clothes were donated.

I found a little speck on blue on this picture (american flag on her mailbox) so I am happy I can show you my BEAUTIFUL Mom.

We just had to tease her a little so we wrapped her in bubble wrap as were leaving to keep her from breaking anything else.

As we were going through things my Sister said take whatever I wanted and I spotted this turquoise vintage hair dryer. The shade matches my sewing room to a tee.

I feel a little BLUE today without her living with me but I know how happy she is to be back home.

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SmilingSally said...

Hi Ann,

Your mom is indeed quite beautiful. Good for you! Thanks for sharing.

Have a Happy Blue Monday!

LV said...

You are a blessing as so many do not want to fool with seniors anymore. Your mother is such an attractive lady. Sorry you all are going through such bad times. There is no place like home.

Jeanne said...

Hello Ann, Your mom IS beautiful and I am sure you are feeling the absence of her being with you after three months. The bubble wrap is priceless.
a great reminder for her to be careful and safe. You are blessed that there is a happy ending after so much pain and surgery. Wishing her well.
xo, Jeanne

bj said...

Ahhh, she is indeed a beauty. So glad they are doing well enuf to go back home.

Joy H said...

Such a cute photo of your Mom and too funny! I remember those old hair dryers too. :)
Joy @ Books and Life

lina@happy family said...

Your Mom is so lovely ... and funny with that bubble wraps :)
Hope for your sister's and mom's great health in the following years.
Thanks for dropping by!

Wandering Wren said...

Lovely to see a sense of humour after what has clearly been a tough time for you all! Gorgeous Mum and gorgeous hair dryer.
Hugs to you all
Wren x

Theresa said...

Sweet picture! I know you will miss her but she will be happy to be back home! LOVE that color of the hair dryer case! I would like to have a sweater that color:) Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

Black Jack's Carol said...

That's a beautiful picture of your mom. I love the bubble-wrap humor :) Wishing both your mom and your sister good health. We are always happy to be in our own home, but they will miss you, as you will them. This was a difficult time but also one that drew the three of you closer, creating, I feel sure, some very special memories.

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