Tuesday, September 23, 2014

K is for keys, knobs and knick-knackatory

What do you collect? Are you knick-knacktory? Knick-knacktory is a collection of knick-knacks.
KNICK-KNACKS are any small trivial articles usually intended for ornamental use.

Well I love old antique KEYS and I'm always looking for a way to display them.  Also one my favorite items are vintage/glass door KNOBS.

I had a metal base frame so I attached a KNOB onto it and hung a few of my KEYS for decoration.

Here is a sample of my collection of KEYS:

Thanks to Mrs. Nesbitt and Roger for their efforts to keep this great meme going each week.




Reader Wil said...

This is the most original post I've seen this week: a collection of keys! Thanks for sharing. Keys are important to open new doors and to shut those doors that are hiding nasty memories.
Have a great week.
Wil, ABCW Team.

Roger Owen Green said...

I hate having to carry keys, but I must admit they do tell stories.


PS You had a typo on your link to the Linky; corrected.

Trubes said...

I like to keep keys from old doors etc...I also have a fine collection of useless knick knacks, including a collection of boxes, this drives my husband crazy especially as he likes to throw my knick knacks away yet keeps his own..

Best wishes,

Black Jack's Carol said...

I am not a knick-knackety sort of person at all. We have recycled quite a few old keys with other metals, but I always feel a little guilty to do that. Your creativity is something that I really, really admire. Your place to hang keys will be entirely unique and I must add that it is also lovely to look at!

Deanna said...

Like your collection of keys. Think they are pretty neat!

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