Wednesday, September 10, 2014

I is for iconoscope

Where would be today without the invention of the ICONOSCOPE,  a camera tube?? It is an electron scanning tube and makes our viewing possible for television.

Wickipedia has the entire history of the first ICONOSCOPE invented in the early 1900's.

I looked for a picture of a early television set our family had  and found this one circa 1957 of one of my MIL's sets and this one has my husband and his cousin in front--they were dressed up for something.

Notice the rabbit ears?  It was probably an RCA or Philco set.

Did you have a similar one? What programs did you watch?  Of course you had three channels and had to get up and turn the knob!

Hubby says he remembers Sky King, The Lone Ranger, Amos and Andy and the Real McCoys. He used to go home from school and watch them.

Of all the monumental moments I remember was the coverage of President Kennedy's funeral.  And what about that walk on the moon in 1969!

My hubby and I bought a color TV in 1967 from Montgomery Ward and when my Mom and Dad came to visit us they were convinced they needed one too.

What a phenomenal change since then, what with every little gadget you can view anything you want at any time!!!

Thanks go out to Mrs. Nesbitt and Roger for this wonderful weekly party.  Linking with ABC WEDNESDAY



Nonnie said...

Isn't it astounding how TVs (and computers) have changed so much, even in my long life. I was in junior high before our family had a TV in our home.

Reader Wil said...

our first TV was a second hand one.We got it from my mum. I have two tv sets here. One is a flatscreen and the other is an oldfashioned small one , which still works. I have it on the attic room, which is a nice spare bedroom.
Have a great week Ann!
Wil, ABCW Team.

Joy said...

I remember my grandmother's set, the screen was so small you couldn't sit too far away and the robust wood surround was like a piece of furniture.

Oakland Daily Photo said...

I'd never heard of an iconoscope. Now people don't even bother with a TV, they just video stream to their phone. It is a strange new world.

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

haven't visited u for a while. A scope is used as a camera to look inside your body.

Roger Owen Green said...

we didn't get a color set until Christmas 1969! So all the shows in color looked different in reruns than in first run!


Susan Moore said...

My biggest TV memory from early days is the Apollo 11 moon landing. It was amazing.

Deanna said...

Times sure have changed. I was just talking to my hubby about only having one tv channel and when we got our third channel as a child, we really thought we were special. Now with ROKU, so many channels are available it's unreal. When email started then myspace and Facebook, blogs and pinterest!

Blessings to you,

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