Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday Stamps # 20 - Folk Culture or handcrafts

Our subject today is Folk Culture or handcrafts.  My family has a long Indian Heritage, we have Cherokee, and Creek Indian ancestors for certain.   Since this prevails in our family I would like to share some Folk Indian Masks.

The Indian Clans placed great emphasis on on family and clan relationships, and  traced each clan 's ancestry to a mythical animal. 

The spirit masks were sacred and jealously guarded possessions.  Fashioned of steamed and bent  wood , the intricately carved masks often had moving parts.

They used black paint derived from charcoal or soft lignite coal and red was made from iron ores.  The blues were from copper sulphide. 

The Tlingit mask represents an animal spirit. The Bella Coola mask  personifies a whistling spirit.

What a proud people the Indian's were and should occupy a very honored place in our life today.



Barbara said...

Very nice.

Hugs XX

viridian said...

Ooo I have these stamps too, and thought about sharing them, but chose the navajo rugs instead. Have a great day, and thanks for participating.

Postcardy said...

the masks are very interesting and attractive.

♥♥ Willa ♥♥ said...

I think they are really good in creating a handcrafted stuff.

Sunday Stamp

Ana said...

thanks a lot for this post! I have a soft spot for the Indian culture in general, so im always curious to learn more

Joy said...

You have a wonderful heritage, I love all the legends of turning into animals.

Postcards Crossing said...

What a wonderful stamp to showcase one facet of your wonderful heritage! I have been fascinated by Native American's culture.

hire web developer said...

Nice stamp. In fact I would say each and every new achievement in India should come as a stamp.

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