Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Red Wednesday - "The Screwtape Letters" Sue is one amazing hostess--visit as many posts as you can today - Great Stuff.

This post is rather different for me, I usually showcase decorating tips or family pics but today I'm going to feature a book I just finished.

I really enjoy the C.S. Lewis books and movies on the "Narnia" series but have never read anything else written by him.  I can't remember where I heard this but they really suggested reading "The Screwtape Letters" to really appreciate what we Christians are confronting today.  This book was written in the 1940's, can you just imagine what C.S. Lewis would have thought of today's world.

In a part of the book he expressed he would never write another like this one because he was putting himself in the place of a demon who's aim was to demolish and damm every living human on the earth.   It took a toll on his spirit and took a long while to totally get the character from him.   It really made me realize what influences are around me.

If you love to read, pick this one up. 

Have a great day.



LV said...

I love to read, but have not read many of this author's books.

Terra said...

I love this book, he is a profound writer and did so well in the characters of the devil, the minor devil and the human who was under attack.
Other books by C.S. Lewis I very much enjoyed are "Mere Christianity" and "The Great Divorce".

♥-Icy BC-♥ said...

I have read most of C.S. Lewis books, but not this one..Must get, must get.

Thank you for the information on my fire department signs. It's interesting to know!

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