Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Outdoor Wednesday

Today I'm linking with Susan
for Outdoor Wednesday.

We have an UNwelcomed visitor in our yard. I snapped this picture of him a few minuetes ago.
I believe this is the first groundhog we've had in our yard.  They are adorable in childrens stories and movies but in person----I think they are pretty destructive.

I read today that they can burrow holes 5 deep and 46 feet long.  WHOA- Our telephone lines run right where he's standing right now.

We're setting a trap to catch him and relocate him to a more suitable neighboorhood. (The woods)

He is living under our garden shed and we don't know if he is alone or has an entire family under there.

Hopefully you have a great day!



LV said...

I hope you find a way to get him to look for a new home. You do not want him staying around too long. I have not seen any around here. That is unusual to find one in your yard.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

That can be scary! He's awfully cute, but he can be cute at a distance. ;-)



Connie said...

Hi Ann, Thanks for your sweet comments on my reading them! You were interested in the poppies (I think they are called shirley poppies). I bought seeds and planted them last year. After they were done blooming, the pods dried and we shook out the seeds. We had so many poppies this year. You were also wondering about the larger size matchboxes. I found them at the grocery store in with the BBQ items. Have a great day :) Connie

Chatty Crone said...

Believe it or not had one in our window well a long time ago - it sure was hard to get him out! sandie

The Little Red Shop said...

They sure are cute! I've had to have the skunk wrangler out a few times over the years. Ahhh...wild life!

I hope you're having a lovely summer!

: )

Julie M.

The Paint Splash said...

You're right they are cute but destructive. Good luck on the trap. Amazing that you actuarially caught his picture, that is pretty hard to do. We have had them but never saw them, just their ridges above ground. Love ya. Debbie

Theresa said...

I am not a fan of critters like that and yes they can tear up some stuff! Hope you have good luck catching that fella!


Cindy Adkins said...

Hi Ann,
Oh, they sure are cute! I wanted to tell you that I have an inspirational blog called I Owe it All to Him and there's a Link party on there today thru Sunday....You are welcome to join us! Everyone on there is so nice!
If you want, take a look...It is a prayer blog, but today I am asking each person to post a story about a time in their life when they received help from someone out of the blue....It has been so inspiring!

Cindy Adkins said...

P.S. I didn't realize that you are a bloggerette sister too!!! Me too!

Josh Healy said...

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