Monday, June 7, 2010

Wish I was "GONE FISHIN" On Blue Monday

Goin Fishin today with Sally @  Wish I was really!!!
I picked up this blue bottle a few months ago at a sale and had no idea what it was except I liked the color.  I decided to show it today on Blue Monday and thought I would look it up first just in case  I could find out anything about it.

I found plenty.  In 1866, doctors would carry a mixture around in a glass jar shaped like a fish.  ( FISCH BITTERS).  The mixture was for patients with dyspepsia, loss of appetite and an antedote to alchohol, plus other ailments.

Fish has been seen known to  represent  health, hence the fish shape.
In 1922, as with this bottle it was produced again in Melville, NJ by the Wheaton Company.  It is 7 3/8" tall and was used mainly for cod liver oil. 

Inscribed on the bottle is DOCTORS FISH BITTERS. I paid $2.00 for it and they are worth anywhere from $50.00 up to thousands.  If you find a bright yellow one you have hit the jackpot.

Hope you enjoyed my BLUE MONDAY FISH STORY today. Have an excellent one.



SmilingSally said...

Wow, you have a real treasure there! Thanks for all of the interesting information, Ann. Happy Blue Monday.

The Paint Splash said...

That's cool sis! Hope it's a real one and not a replica. I will watch out for the yellow one. That would look really cool at my place since I do live on a lake hint hint...

Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

I love the bottle, but really love the info. Isn't it great to find hidden treasures. Your blue bottle would be perfect in my bath room with all my cobalt blue and white.
Happy Blue Monday

Manang Kim said...

I think that is a medical bottle. That is gorgeous. Happy Monday!

Blue Jar

Jeanne said...

Hello Ann, I have missed visiting you. Sometimes life is just too busy.

I love the fish bottle. I remember taking Cod liver oil in little gel caps shaped like tiny footballs. We loved them. Our mother fed them to us in the winter. We are going back 60 plus years. I would love to find a yellow fish jar. HA!

Hugs, Jeanne

Candy said...

Looks like a short version of what I keep my dish soap in, only different is I paid $2 and that's all it's worth. Good find for you!
Thanks for your faithful visits and hope you always leave with a smile...
Blessings ;-)

Briarside Lane said...

Great find! And interesting info. I will have to look for a yellow fish jar. Just making my way through the Blue Monday posts.

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