Friday, June 11, 2010

Family Fridays - Cousins

Joining Lori @ The Peterson Family for Family Fridays today.

As I've been going through pictures the past few days, I ran across this black and white picture from about 1956. 
It's amazing how we didn't need DVD Players, CD Players, Television, WII's or any other gadget to have fun.  It's a summer day and we're just hangin out.
These are all cousins-left to right-Rick on the bike, Linda, Uncle Clarence, Shelia, Me-looking down (in my smashing two piece) ha- and Debbie my sister (The Paint Splash)-looks like Deb found a ball.

Looks like Dad said "OK kids go line up by Uncle Clarence" and I'll take a picture.All of us spent many summers doing just this, sometimes going to the lake-swimming or fishing or having picnics.  And we all lived in different cities, we took the time to get together. Love it.



Jingle said...

lovely photo shot!
Happy Family Fridays!

Amy said...

Wow it is amazing.. It looks like a picture out of a movie..
Thank for joining Lori and I for Family Fridays..

The Paint Splash said...

Hadn't seen this picture before Love it ! You are an awesome sister!

Peterson Family said...

Love the pic. It reminds me of pics I have here from my childhood and those of my mom's too!

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