Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Outdoor Wednesday March 31, 2010

Susan @ has lots of Outdoor Shots for us today. Go over and look at everyones beautiful posts.

Today I am posting a few pictures of my back yard.  First is our Martin Bird House we planted a few years ago.  The problem is the starlings took it over and the  Purple Martins won't come near it. We still enjoy seeing the birds in their apartments, making a home for their families.

I can see green finally, I'm so excited to start manicuring all the flower beds.  This is a pic of one of our pine juniper trees.  This is a weeping one, I forget the scientific name of it.  During this time of year is when it produces new branches.

I took a shot of the garden with the Purple Martin House and forgot my little white ceramic bunny who lives there.Pretty soon he will be surrounded with poppies and lillium plants.

We have one flower blooming now, the daffodills are all looking springie.
Today its going to be in the 70's. LOVE LOVE LOVE that.
Happy Wednesday to all of my blogging buddies!!!



Maggie B said...

Isn't it great to finally get out into the garden again.
Happy OW

Nancy said...

It's so nice to see green again! Love that birdhouse!

CollectIn Texas Gal said...

Spring has finally sprung, and we are all singing it's praises! We have daffodils and iris' blooming in Texas and of course the Bluebonnets. I'm finally home to see my Bunny Bucket! WOW!!! I love it all! You are so thoughtful! I can hardly wait for the Bunny Reveal! I must tell you that the Crochet Basket is so special...and the chocolates....mmmmmmm! Sue

Amy said...

Your backyard is blooming for sure. It looks so peaceful and I can't wait to see it in full bloom! Thanks Ann.


Lovely daffs! I have been outside walking around , not seeing too much going on yet. But I have raked out the beds and am ready to plant in a week or two.

LV said...

You have a very nice garden. I love all the things you shared today. Always happen for you to visit.

ellen b. said...

So glad you are getting some nice Spring weather! I finally putting up a bird feeder for the first time ever. Enjoy the Martins :0)

Natasha said...

You must be so happy that Spring has arrived and that your garden is looking so gorgeous! It looks like everyone in the Northern Hemisphere will be having a lovely warm Spring this year!

Blessings and best wishes for a very happy Easter,

Joyce said...

Thanks for peaking in at my post today (Disney Topiary). Glad you enjoyed the photos. it was a fun trip since we had not been there in years. I see Spring is blooming in your area too. I love all the blooming trees and colorful flowers. I will peak in again at your blog. Happy Holiday to you.

Lori E said...

Well it certainly isn't that warm here but I did manage a day in the garden last Saturday. I sure feels good to clean out those garden beds from winter.
Yes that bear grew that winter coat before and during hibernation. It is was a very warm season here and they have come out of their dens early. Not much to eat though.
I love your pony picture on the sidebar. I have put mine on my site in a post before too.

Sherri said...

Nice to see those daffodils pop up! They are so cheerful! Hope you have a great Outdoor Wednesday and have a Happy Easter too! Sherri : )

Patriotic Mom said...

You have a lovely yard! Isn't it comforting to see the renewal of spring happening all around us...Happy Easter, Joan

Ebie said...

Hi Ann, your garden is just popping up with beautiful daffodils! Spring has arrived!

Happy Easter!

Jeanne said...

Hi Ann, I am finally home again and glad to be here. There is nothing like your own pillow and bed. Smile.

Love your bird house and lovely green yard. the flowers are so sweet. We are still having a late spring here in the mountains. It was 27 again last night. The flowers just don't like this chilly weather. Me neither...sigh.

Enjoy spring.

Hugs, Jeanne

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