Friday, May 1, 2015

New Shelf

PINK SATURDAY this week is "anything goes". ALSO

BLUE MONDAY - my shelf has lots of blue to share!!!

I thought I would share what my hubby just put up for me in our sun room. I wanted a shelf for my Wizard of Oz collection.

I went to the Woodworking Guild and picked out a rough board and did not want any finishing on it. I had picked out some iron wall hangers awhile back and thought they would make a great addition.

I had all of this in a corner cabinet but couldn't enjoy them as much!

I really love the rough look.

My granddaughter made the adorable tag.

Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful Spring.




Deborah Kay at The Paint Splash said...

Very cute!

LV said...

Good idea and he did good on it. Have a great week.

Gayle said...

Great way to accent your display. Nice collection.

Mrs. Sarah Coller said...

Super cute! You've got some neat things in your display!

HaPpY pInK sAtUrDaY!

Dana of The Stone Rabbit said...

OMG....I love it!!! Did I ever tell you my grand girl's bed room is W of Oz decor? Yes! I will have to take photos and share one day. She has quite a little collection going, too!

Hope you are enjoying our fabulous weekend!! We are gonna have lots of rain over the next few days!

HPS!!! dana

Jeanie said...

Happy Pink Saturday! This is enchanting! I'm a big Oz fan, too -- your collectibles are terrific. Sounds like you have a good guy!

Thanks for the visit to The Marmelade Gypsy. You asked about where Southern Exposure (my post topic) is located -- it's in mid-Michigan, not far from Battle Creek.

Happy day!

SmilingSally said...

Hi Ann,

What a super idea to display your collection. Thanks for playing today.

Have a Beautiful Blue Monday!

DougPhoto2009 said...

What a creative granddaughter. Thanks for sharing.

Jeannie Marie said...

I too link with Pink Saturday (although a bit late this week) and Blue Monday! I love your display. Books are my "thing"

Annesphamily said...

That is a beautiful display Ann! I love that sweet tag too! I have so many projects sitting here. It is called "No motivation" or "slow death by helping a son move" LOL! We are so tired. I helped Jeremy and Brittany moving and my honey was working overtime. He had over 17 hours! Wow! He is really tired. He helped them put together their dining room chairs and table as they found a cute little do it yourself set. It turned out beautifully. I told my daughter Noelle we should have hid from Jeremy! HaHaHa! We are heading to Salina in the early A.M. to pick up Nick at school. Hannah is joining us and I am hoping we do not hit a lot of bad weather. we have rain all week long. Enjoy a great week! Hugs!

joyh82 said...

Love the Wizard of Oz collection shelf. My Dad has built me several shelves like that over the years and I have them over windows and doors. I don't think I will ever take them down :)

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