Friday, December 30, 2011


For my last post of 2011, I'll share some pinks of Christmas morning.

Here's some of us playing a game.

Cousins posing for Nana

Fun presents.
My sis made this for me. (How true it is).

The packages are all opened, cousins have returned to Colorado, yummy treats are gone, house is getting kind of cleaned up.  But the warmth of the family festivities have lingered on.


Our deck seems so peaceful, just white lights in the still of the night.

We are spending New Years Eve quietly.  We are attending church and then our granddaughters are spending the night.  We will ring in the New Year with sparking grape juice.
Last year we had to have our toast at 11:00,  one of the girls just couldn't stay awake until midnight.

2012 is upon us and we are looking forward to making many more family memories.

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Happy New Year


Thursday, December 29, 2011


I've been the recipient of a giveaway from Incepent Wings , the
 package arrived this week and I would like to share the fabulous goodies Marfi sent to me.

First of all this woman really knows how to personalize a package.  She decorated the package with all things Wizard of Oz. HOW cute.

Surrender Dorothy!!
My pink package included three ornaments, gingerbread man, icey flower, and a sparkly fairy.
Also blue and white check fabric (can ya believe it). A really delicate butterly pick, a sparkly red apple and some lovely brown suade trim. Also four handmade tags!!!

Thank you so much Marfi, it was a great giveaway.  Bloggers are the best.


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Year of the hat

Seems like some years there is a trend in gift giving at Christmas.  My sis Deb made each of these hats for my grandchildren,  great niece and great  nephews.

Labrador Retriever

Angry Bird

  Debbie did not have a pattern for any of them, just looked at what the character looked like and started crocheting from there.

Have a super Wednesday.


Friday, December 23, 2011

Whooville Christmas - Pink Saturday


Our church performed their annual Christmas program last weekend.   Our stage became Whoville and all of the members of the choir were instructed to dress "Whovillian".  Our junior choir could go all out and dress like Cindy Lou Who and they really did.  We had a few "Cat in the Hat's" mixed in.  

My sister, daughter and I worked on costumes for my granddaughters. One was a gingerbread cookie and the other Christmas candy.  We used red and green felt to make the circular skirts, glued candy and cookie cutouts.  We made suspenders and decorated them too.

I wore a Christmas green dress, pink striped leggings and a red sweater with pink polka dots.  I wore a big red felt handmade flower in my hair. I bought a red sweater at the goodwill and used fabric paint and painted pink polka dots all over it.

My daughter did a wonderful job on my granddaughters hair it looked fabulous!!

All of the children came in marching down the isles carring large staffs decorated with beautiful decorations and netting.

Our stage was constructed with wooden stairs colored red and green with wooden trees and packages.  The grand piano was covered with red velvet.

Our church was decorated beautifully in reds and greens and had a touch of wimsey but our message was "Christs Birth"

Hoping everyone has the merriest Christmas of all.


Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Tree 2011

Our Tree is ready for Christmas Morn.

My newest ornaments are glittering.

And Mary's Angels are playing beautiful Christmas music, preparing the way for the Birth Of Jesus.

It's snowing here today too---perfect setting for a wintery winderland.


Friday, December 16, 2011

Pink Saturday - Annie's Tree

Todays post is a tribute to a very special little girl in our church Annie. If you have read my other blog  "Not Accidentally Tuesday" you know about  7 yr old Annie's battle with brain cancer. She passed away in July so this is the first Christmas without her. Her parents are such close friends of ours and they have been the model for any parent who has lost a child. Their faith has carried them through and they wanted this Christmas to be fun.  Last weekend they had a Christmas party at their home, they wanted to celebrate the season and celebrate Annie's life.

They put up a tree in Annies honor and decorated it with all things "Annie".  My hubby and I and our family find this to be inspiring this season and hopefully so will you.  This is the time of the year that we celebrate our Saviors birth. He  was born to comfort us and to be with us in times like this!!!

Her tree stands in the hall between her bedroom and her sisters bedroom.

Annie's pink baseball glove.

The garland is all of her wrist bands from numerous hospital stays.

Annies favorite butterflies.

The tree is decorated with all of her hair bows.

This pink hat she wore in a wedding in May of this year.

Her tree also is full of things she made in Kindergarten .

This is flat Annie--she carried it with her to all of her hospitals stays.  Friends made it so she would know they were thinking of her.
There were about 200 people at the party and everyone laughed, ate lots of goodies and shed some tears too.

Hopefully you will be touched by Annie and maybe say a little prayer for her family this Christmas.


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