Monday, February 25, 2013

ABC Wednesday - G for GRAMMY Winner

Kansas City Chorale returns from Los Angeles with three Grammy awards -

To check out the interview on local TV--check the link above.

Today I'm posting about a friend of mine, Julia, who belongs to my church and is in the choir with me. She is a singer with the Kansas City Chorale and sings with the Kansas City Philharmonic and they also perform several productions each year.

They produced a CD last year and they were nominated for three GRAMMY awards.  They won the GRAMMY in all three categories.

Here she is with her husband outside the venue.

Their CD

What a joy it is to have someone so trained in our church choir.  She is a wonderful christian woman who feels her talent is God given and lives to preform and use her incredible gift.

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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Blue Monday - Sally costume

I've been sewing this past week, our oldest granddaughter is playing Sally in her school program of "Charlie Brown".

We went through the internet and found a picture of  Sally and here's what I found.

We found the perfect blue polka-dot fabric.  Then to search the patterns, we found a pretty perfect one.
The little pattern didn't have a collar and she wanted one so she found a collar pattern that is detachable.
 The dress fits to a tee!!! Can't wait for Thursday night for the performance.
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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Pink for toddler

What is pink has four legs and used in a nursery?  My granddaughter spotted this last week at the local thrift store when we were just browsing.

Looks like the donors just covered each leg with a long sock or tight section and used regular tennis shoes, now thats pretty creative!!!
Grand also noticed the cute little kitchen set with the pink handles but she's outgrown these toys now.
Hope you are having fun visiting all the other PINK SATURDAY posts. Stay warm!
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Friday, February 22, 2013


Well  I've here all my life but this is the first thundersnow storm I've experienced.  Snow coming down with THUNDER rumbling!! It was actually exciting. We did get 12" here, some places much more.

We bought a new snow blower two years ago after our HUGH snowstorm of 2009 and this is the first time we have used it.

Ahh cement!!
We are expecting more on Monday--hope its not 12" again.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Flipflop - letter F

When I first saw this picture last year I couldn't tell what the object was made from--but looking closer I realized it was from flip-flops.

Source:  Wickepedia

There is evidence of these form of sandals as an item of footwear in most civilisations. The item of footwear in most civilisations. The funny thing though is that different civilisations often used different toes for the thong...The Greeks, for example, made use of the big toe; the Romans, the second toe; and the Mesapotanians, the third toe.

The above pair of sandals are leather and are from the New Kingdom of Egypt (ca 1550-1307).

Flip-flops (also called zōri, thongs, jandals, or a variety of other names throughout the world) are a type of open-toed sandal typically worn in casual situations, such as outside or at the beach. They consist of a flat sole held loosely on the foot by a Y-shaped strap that passes between the first and second toes and around either side of the foot. They may also be held to the foot with a single strap over the front of the foot rather than a thong. The name "flip-flop" originated because of the sound that is made by slapping between the sole of the foot and the floor when walking.

The total sales for 2009 was approximated at 20 Billion dollars.

I have a pair in every color. Love to wear them all spring and summer.

We are expecting a big winter storm on Thursday so no flip-flops for awhile yet.

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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day

Wishing everyone a very sweet Happy Valentines Day.  

Accept this BIG HUG from me to you!!!

I've done my mantel in red hearts and vintage items from around my house.

Some vintage valentines peeking out of my glass house.
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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

What does your expression say?


E is for facial EXPRESSIONS that can display what we are feeling.

Here's just a few I have caught on camera.

Can  you read others by their facial  expressions?   Sometimes we can be mistaken though, so go lightly.
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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Blue icing

One of my little great nephews had his 1st birthday last week and it was all about BLUE.

Only one way to clean this up.
Have a fantastic Blue Monday


Friday, February 8, 2013

Valentine Pink Saturday

So much candy -----so little time
Schools are out today so my grands and I went for a special treat at our new Russel Stover's Candy Store.
When we walked in everything glistened. Beautiful glass cases and shelves with every kind of chocolate known.  This is store has been open just a few months.
They have their Russel Stovers candies, chocolate covered strawberries, candied apples, cookies, cupcakes, coffee bar, ice cream and yogurt bar.

You see we have already picked out what we want for Valentines Day.
Mr. Sock Monkey
Gorgeous displays everywhere.
I know they paint everything imaginable with chalk paint. But a candy heart box???
Both the girls decided on hand dipped ice cream.
Crazy Cookie Dough
Crazy Colors
A feast for the Valentine Eye.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Downton Abbey - Letter D

ABC Wednesday - Letter D


My favorite show is DOWNTON ABBEY. It has taken Masterpiece Theater by storm. Maggie Smith plays Violet Crawley, Countess of Grantham and she is superb.  I don't know how I missed the first two seasons but when I discovered the series I watched season 1 and 2 on Hulu and then starting watching the current season on PBS.

People are copying the costumes in everyday life and this is set in the 1920's.

They now have a cookbook "Edwardian Cooking-80 recepies inspired by Downton Abbey's Elegant Meals" by Larry Edwards.  I'm ordering it for a friend for Mothers Day.

This past week I heard a news reporter announce which character she was from the show.

Today I found a quiz @  to find out which character you are!!!!

Well, I turned out to be Robert, Earl of Grantham.

Catch the show on PBS on Sunday night if you like period shows with lots of drama!!

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Monday, February 4, 2013

First Monday in February

Lets start out this first Monday in February with a serene picture from my calendar in my kitchen.  A wonderful cozy place to relax, a great book and a cup of tea with lemon in a beautiful blue tea cup.

The scripture sets everything in place.

May the spirit of God fill your heart today.

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