Monday, February 29, 2016


My H letter this week is "homespun".

The definition of homespun is something rough or loosely woven fabric originally made at home with yarn spun at home.  The textile usually had a rough surface.

Usually the lettering if on the object would be "folksy humor" or "cracker barrel philosophy" that was a new one for me.

This "collar bag" was made by my husbands great-great grandmother around 1916. My MIL gave it to me years ago.  Can you imagine having a special bag just for collars?  My MIL always told me it was lady like to wear a collar on your blouse or dress.

This is the original string.

This lettering is so intricate and I'm sure done by hand.

Cracker Barrel Philosophy per is: something plain, simple and unsophisticated. The term has it's origins from the late 19th century US, where the barrels of soda crackers ended up being the site of informal conversation at the country stores.

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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Service Project

Monday has rolled around and it's a leap year no less.

My life group from church does a service project twice a year and this time we chose Mirillac.  Mirillac is a 17 acre campus specializing in treating children 4-18 with behavioral health issues.

Here is 4 of us along with one of the behaviorists with our donation.

The painting was done by another church in our area.

They are always in need of necessities for the children who come in sometimes with NOTHING of their own. Each child is given a blanket and toiletries.

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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Some green

Since the temperatures are getting warmer I'm in the mood to lighten up decorating in my home. I have a white faux fireplace mantel in the sunroom I like to decorate each season.

I found a really simple green bunny just to kick things off on the right paw (sorry, couldn't help myself).

Added other green items I have around the house.

My McCoy teapot and scales with green covered "The Kansas Doctor".

A vintage milk carrier with a green and violet cup.

A little green pot my Grandma Jewell gave me and added a green moss ball. Another scale green one.  And each mantel has to have a photo--grandgirls in green frame. (Sorry for the windows).

I think it livens up the room and prepares for the Easter Season to start.



Tuesday, February 23, 2016

It was a gas


"It was a gas". The term means having fun.

We had a gas seeing the honor band that our granddaughter is in. The 6th grade honor band played for a fundraiser at the high school.

She is the first trumpeter in the foreground.

Getting their applause.

The term may be connected to "laughing gas"(nitrous oxide)  first used by dentists in 1844, but it has not be verified.

Oh I'm SO GLAD for today and modern denistry!!

"Cooking with gas is another phrase coined in the late 19th century and early 20th century when gas stoves came on the scene.

The gas stove was touted as more efficient than wood-burning ones.

I bought GAS today, I'm loving the price.

Did I mention this was also a CHILI supper so GAS could also take on another meaning, but I think I'll end with that one.

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Monday, February 22, 2016

Maxine on Monday

Lets start the week with a cute pic of Maxine.

I miss seeing the movies with  stars like Clark Gabel, Kathryn Hepburn and John Wayne. What do you think they would think of some of the scenes and outfits in today's movies and public appearances. I like that they didn't have an agenda just wanted to make good movies!!!! Enough of that.

Hope you have a wonderful week--catch a good movie and don't forget the popcorn!!

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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Fishing - old style

Going back to memories from childhood, fishing with a cane pole was such an adventure. No fancy lures, expensive rod and reels, depth finders, just good old fashioned luck.

Spent time digging up worms and finding an old tin can from Mom that she threw out or maybe something you found in the woods.  Walking down to the river on a warm sunny day with  good friends perhaps.  This picture is my husband in the middle, his brother Kenny on his left, the little guy on the right is Billy a friend. Circa 1954.  Hubby said if the fish were not biting they would leave and jump on their bicycles.

Isn't that the cutest cowboy you have ever seen?????

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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Three little valentines


I have thirteen great nieces and nephews and some of them live here in our city and I get to see them often.

Seven of them attend my church and they are so involved.  Last Sunday I took this picture of three of them getting ready to go to their own service.

I have a vintage postcard that could have been used for Valentines Day.



Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Eyes are the windows to the soul

This phrase is one we hear quite often. Is it really true? What can you see in someone's eyes?

As I was researching the phrase, I ran across plenty of research on this subject.

Scientists at Orebro in Sweden have been studying the patterns within the Iris and have studied 428 subjects. The article is well looking into.

If you look closely into someones eyes you can definitely tell some things, right off. Happiness, sadness or fear. But who knows maybe more can be found out with these new findings.

These are are gorgeous because they belong to one of my granddaughters!!!!

Matthew 6:22-24 says that the eye is the light into your body, through your eyes the light shines out to the world  through your eyes.

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D is for dedication

Letter D last  week was dedication.  Below is a picture taken at my BIL's memorial service.  He was a firefighter for many years but had to take early retirement because of his health.

He spent years after that on his acreage in the country enjoying the beauty of the land, fishing and sitting on either of his screened in porches he built.

We lost him last week at the age of 74, Kenneth Creek. Here is the example of dedication at the alter.

A man of faith, who honored his family and the fireman community.


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