Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Vintage Thingie Thursday April 1, 2010

Happy April Fool's Day..... No kidding.   Suzanne @ is hosting todays party. Unique things are always showing up.  Check it out.

Laundry Day of Yesteryear.  This is a picture of one of my Grandmother Jewell's laundry baskets.   Many times we went to her house and she had this sitting on the lawn and she was hanging out clothes on her clothes line. I purchased this from her estate sale.

I use this basket now to sort clothes.  I love seeing the bright red flowers in the plastic lining.
 My husbands Mom gave me the next two laundry bags.  The bag had a note on it that said  it was made in 1900. I took a second picture of it- if you look real close you can see the word "Collars" emboidered on it.

My mother-in-law could not remember where the next one came from but it is really interesting.  It looks like it was a laundry bag or organizaional bag for baby clothes or powder etc. It has 4 individual sections.

Don't you really appreciate all of our modern conveniences, can you imagine using a wringer washer now (which my Mom had when I was little) or having to hang up all your clothes on the clothesline outside.
But you know those clothes that did hang outside had the most wonderful smell!!!! Hope you enjoyed my trip down vintage laundry land.

Outdoor Wednesday March 31, 2010

Susan @ has lots of Outdoor Shots for us today. Go over and look at everyones beautiful posts.

Today I am posting a few pictures of my back yard.  First is our Martin Bird House we planted a few years ago.  The problem is the starlings took it over and the  Purple Martins won't come near it. We still enjoy seeing the birds in their apartments, making a home for their families.

I can see green finally, I'm so excited to start manicuring all the flower beds.  This is a pic of one of our pine juniper trees.  This is a weeping one, I forget the scientific name of it.  During this time of year is when it produces new branches.

I took a shot of the garden with the Purple Martin House and forgot my little white ceramic bunny who lives there.Pretty soon he will be surrounded with poppies and lillium plants.

We have one flower blooming now, the daffodills are all looking springie.
Today its going to be in the 70's. LOVE LOVE LOVE that.
Happy Wednesday to all of my blogging buddies!!!


Monday, March 29, 2010

Blue Monday 3/29/10

Well what is everyone planning on this fine BLUE MONDAY?  I'm going to mail my grandson Cody's his Easter box, finishing sewing Olivia's easter outfit, finish planning and grocery shopping for Easter dinner and still have time to blog.  I need to get started. Go go over and join Sally for more Blue Monday Posts.

My first picture is of some coasters I made several years ago and a couple of them are blue.  I went to Home Depot and purhased some ceramic tiles that you use for walls.  I took some favorite papers, and decopaged scenes that I liked onto the tiles.  I sprayed them with acrylic sealer.  On the back I glued pices of cork board to avoid scratched furniture.

The next picture is one of my colorful Easter placemats. I'm having around 24 people for dinner on Sunday so I think I will be using a varitey of table covers.

I picked out one of my vintage books to show today.  This one is full of wonderful stories.  The little ones on the cover are having a wonderful day at the lake with their little sailboat.

Hope you all have a wonderful BLUE MONDAY.  It's going to be in the 60's and 70's here in Kansas this week.  I am soooooooo excited.  Happy Easter.


Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spiritual Sundays March 28, 2010

Today I'm joining Charlotte and Ginger@ for Spiritual Sundays.
This is my first week and I am excited to get started.

We've been singing this song in choir for a few weeks now and the words really speak to me, I hope you will gleen from them today.


I'm not ashamed to worship the Name of Jesus, Jesus
I'm not ashamed
To shout the name of the Lord
I'm not ashamed
To worship Your Name Jesus Jesus
I'm not ashamed
To shout out Your Name

I'm gonna dance for You
Like nobodys watchin' nobodys watchin' me
And dance for You my Lord

I'm gonna sing for You
Like nobodys listening
And sing for You my Lord

I'm gonna worship you You
Like nothing else matters-nothing else matters
Worship you My Lord.

I'm gonna dance for You
I'm gonna sing for You
I'm gonna worship You My Lord
I'm not afraid, I'm not ashamed

Nothing's gonna hinder me
Nothing's gonna silence me
Shout it out if you believe
I'm not afraid, I'm not ashamed

I'm not holding anything back
I will worship You with all that I am!!!

During this beautiful season of Easter, let's all remember what Jesus suffered for our sakes.   Let us NOT hold back-tell everyone the story of the death, burial and ressurection of our Lord.


Friday, March 26, 2010

Pink Saturday March 27, 2010

We love it when Saturday rolls around and we can join Beverly @ How Sweet the Sound and display all the lovely pinks in our world.  Check out all the posts for today.

I have been driving by this floral shop for the past few months and always notice these pretty flowers in front.  Today I grabbed my camera so I could share the HOT PINK flowers.
One of my favorite tea cups.  Hand painted with gold trim.
I put up my Easter wreath today, I made this several years ago from just plastic eggs you buy for easter baskets.  I filled in the gaps with green grass.

Love the pretty pastel pink.



Family Fridays March 25, 2010

This is my first post for Family Fridays.  Thanks to Kimberly at Terra Del Sole who visited my blog a few weeks ago when I was posting on St. Pats day about my Great Grandfather Patrick Fletcher.  She invited me to take part in Family Fridays with Lori @ the Peterson Family since I enjoy family history.

My first post is showcasing my Mom, Nellie Louise.  Born November 8, 1926, being the oldest of 5 children.  She was born in Fairfax,
Oklahoma.   My Mom and her family lived in Tulare California, graduated from High School there and then moved to Norwood, Missouri where she met my father Ralph.   My first picture is of her and her sister Ruby , Mom is the older one holding her sister Ruby's hand.

Elementary School (Mom is the one right in front of the teacher in the flowered dress).
This is one of Mom and one of her friends taken outside a soda shop in Tulare California.  Someone put that arrow on Mom, not me.

This was taken shortly after they moved to Missouri around 1946.
This is a picture of Mom and Dad taken on their farm around 1947

After I was born in Nov. 1947, my Mom helped Dad take care of his elderly parents, after they passed away they moved from the farm and moved to Kansas City where my Dad went to electrican school.
My parents and my sis Deb. Christmas 1957.
This is one my favorite pictures on vacation inCalifornia -Montery around 1958.  Dosen't Mom look like a movie star in her sunglasses.

My Mother was a stay at home Mom while we were all in school, she didn't work outside the home until the 1970's.  She is a very talented seamstress and made all of our clothes.  She made the dresses in this pic.
My Mom was always a servant - gladly- taking care of everyone.  One of my sisters in handicapped and my Mom has been her constant companion for her entire life.  This is the thing I admire her for the most.

My Dad worked his whole life and then had cancer and died at 69.   My Mom took care of him constantly   She is now 83 and has met a "friend", here's their pic at Christmas.
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Vintage Thingie Thursday March 24, 2010

Today I'm sharing with Suzanne @ for Vintage Thingie Thursday.  Pay her a visit and check out all of the wonderful items people have to share.

As a little girl I was always know as "Annie Roonie".  That knickname has stuck with me for 60 years.  In the 1930's on the radio my Dad used to listen to Little Annie Rooney.  He loved this program and later it became a comic book.  When I was born he named me Rebecca Ann, but always called me Annie Roonie.

A few years ago my sister Deb and I  were traveling through Indiana and spotted an interesting looking antique store.  We spotted this book and ofcourse I had to have it. Deb scooped it up and bought it for me.

I didn't copy the whole book, just the first three pages to give you an idea of what its like.
I really need to have the pages laminated and have a new binding put on, its becoming a little fragile.

The next photo is one of a sewing chair that my Grandmother Jewell gave me.  She made it years ago and I use it each time I sew anything.  The inside of the chair holds all the thread and the sides have pockets for other sewing items.  The back and sides can also be used for a pin cushion. The chair is about 40 years old, I guess that's vintage.
I've been sewing Easter outfits for my granddaughters, so its getting a workout this week.

Hope you have a great Thursday.


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Blue Monday 3/22/10

Today is Monday and it's time to join Sally @
 for todays post.  Hop on over and see all of the posts everyone is sharing today.

Today we're BLUE because our KU Jayhawks have been knocked out of the NCAA Basketball  Tournament.  The Big 12 still has Kansas State, I think maybe Oklahoma and Baylor still in.  So if one of those makes to the final four I will concede (it hurts) and root for them.

Well on to happier things, I went over to my sisters today to work on some wedding shower plans for a daughter of a mutual friend of ours and  saw this as I arrived.  My brother-in-law out blowing snow wearing shorts.   He was wearing blue so I grabbed my camera.  He's so funny.....

I was out of town this past week and ofcourse I had to stop at the local thrift store.  I found this yellow and blue ceramic bird house.  It has a brass hanger on top, I'm  not sure if I will hang it in the sunroom or just set it somewhere.  It's not vintage but I still really like the colors.

Since it's getting close to Good Friday, I thought I'd post a picture of mine that is of the Last Supper.  This I purchased on ebay and it hangs in our bedroom.

A new pillow I purchased to go along with all the blue in the sunroom.

Hope you all enjoy your week, have a GREAT BLUE MONDAY.


Monday, March 15, 2010

St. Patricks Day-My great grandfather

Posted by PicasaPatrick Fletcher, 1852 - 1927 my maternal great grandfather on my Dads side.  This was taken in Missouri in the 1920's and it is the only picture I know that exists. 

Legend about St. Patrick
     He drove snakes out of Ireland
      St. Patrick used the shamrock, a three-leaved plant to explain the Holy Trinity
             to the pre Christian Irish people

Facts  about St. Patrick:
           Born in Britian in the fifth century. 
           At sixteen years of age was kidnaped and taken to Ireland to become a slave.
            He stated that he was told by God in a vision to flee and return to Britian.
            Joined the church and studied to become a priest.
            Converted MANY royality and poor to Christ.
            After 30 years of teaching he died on March 18, 461 AD.
            In 1903 St Patricks Day became an official holiday.
            This holiday remains a religious holiday in Ireland.

I really think all the parades and dressing up are great, but you know sometimes its just nice to really know who the holiday is celebrating.

I am certainly proud to be part Irish and will be wearin the greeen.             

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Blue Monday 3/15/10

Blue Monday is here again!! Let's all join Sally @ Smiling Sally's for all the other fantasic posts.

It's March Madness around my house.  I am a hugh college basketball fan and our KU Jayhawks are rated #1 in the country.  Now I know any team can beat any team  on any given day but I still have hopes up for a repeat championship from two years ago.

Yesterday I snapped this pic of Cole Aldredge in the Big 12 Championship exciting.

rock chalk started out in the early 1950's, the fans were saying raw raw jayhawk--the coach thought it sounded like rock chalk and it stuck.
Onto something you might enjoy more--I took this photo of a painting my sister Deb did shortly after we all went on a trip to Europe.  This is the Matterhorn and this was the view out of our hostel balcony.There are tinges of blue all along the snow and trees. Just a beautiful painting.

This vase I bought at the Goodwill Store a few weeks ago, I think I paid $1.97.  Gota love a bargain.

Every Kansas girl loves stories about OZ--my sis Deb also picked this up for me in an antique store.

Hope you enjoy your week--it Spring Break this week here so we are traveling to see my Mom and Sis for a few days.

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