Saturday, October 13, 2018

All school reunion

To my loyal followers, I have been absent but hoping to get back in some regular fashion. Because of family sickness it's been a very busy couple of months.

I want to post about a really fun event my sister Deb and I went to in September. Rosedale High School hosted an all class school reunion. Every graduate was invited, my class of 1965 had about 10 show up. Debs class about 20-her class of 1970. There were a couple from 1948 come. All together probably around 200. Our school was for students 7-12 grades.

We had a tour of the high school with current cheer leaders as it is now, WOW after all these years the memories came flooding back in!!!

This picture of me was taken by the nurse's door where I went to after falling off the bucking horse in gym class when I was in 7th grade. Had a compound fracture of the left arm.

It was the exact same tile and door!!!!

My chair in orchestra in the violin section.

Four of us good friends in our class.

Our school sits on a hill called Mt. Marty and this is a World War I Memorial adjacent to the school.

My sis and I posing with our mascot. Now he's been updated for sure.

I caught a few pictures of the all school picture, afraid some people left before it was taken.

The next day we had a big get together at Tanner's Bar and Grill for dinner and drinks.

Me in green. Our school colors were green and white--many of us dressed in the colors.

What an awesome event to see friends from 52 years ago--- when did I get old, I THOUGHT IT WOULD TAKE LONGER.

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