Wednesday, January 28, 2015


ABC Wednesday has arrived again at letter C.  For the past few weeks I've been COUNTING what I feed this body.

Our Son is a health/fitness instructor along with being a community paramedic and has created a website because of his great success at keeping his fat and muscle mass in line.


My hubby and I are both counting protein, fat and carbohydrates to achieve a perfect balance.

In a few months I am COUNTING ON seeing the benefits of such a CONSIDERABLE effort.

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Sunday, January 25, 2015


Basketball is my B word this week. After seeing my granddaughter play Friday night I have some B words to share.

In their bumble bee yellow uniforms they played a good bustling game bounding with energy.

Bouncing back and forth down the court, they are becoming a balanced team.

Their coach encourages them to be boisterous and bold with their ball-handling.

Bounding for another basket!!

Granddaughter is blooming into a fine ball player.

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Thanks to the team!!!


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Blue crayon

Sharing a darling picture of one of my great-nephews and my sister on a special outing for his birthday.

They had lunch at the Crayola Cafe and then a trip to the Lego Land.   Almost looks like they set up the whole picture just for me--blue stripe shirt, picture he drew of the blue sky and the blue crayola just set perfectly on the table.

Thanks go out to Sally for hosting as always.

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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A is for artificial

Wow a new round has begun and my thanks go out to Roger and Ms. Nesbitt for this great weekly party.

It's all about artificial today.  My Mom who is 88 just underwent extensive surgery for a shattered elbow.

The advances in artificial implants has been astronomical and we are so thankful. Can you just imagine hundreds of years ago when people endured this pain and suffering and nothing could be done but amputation?

This is the type of apparatus  she has in her arm:

Her arm was so damaged and the surgeon was limited in bone to attach to but he did a fantastic job.

She went through 21 days of therapy after surgery and she is now living with us until she is able to return to her home.

She has been in two different braces and is learning to adjust getting dressed and doing everyday activities.ABC WEDNESDAY

God bless all those people who can envision such a great advances!!

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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Pinks and Blues at Christmas

It's been ages since I've posted for PINK SATURDAY, but I think these couple of photos are cute ones.  I found several splashed of blue too so I will also share on BLUE MONDAY.

My Mom is now living here with us for a few weeks after therapy and extensive surgery. I'm slicing out a few minutes to catch up with all my friends.

My Niece and her family visited here for Christmas and I took a few pics of the little ones celebrating in their own way.

After Christmas sales and the littlest one could take no more!!!

Fun at my sisters house, my sis Deb and I getting the makeover with a Christmas gift.

Let me get it just right Aunt Nana!!

Pizza and salad for everyone!!

Hope everyone is getting back into the groove and making fantastic plans for 2015, I know we are.

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