Sunday, June 30, 2013

Fairy Garden and gardener

My granddaughter just finished her Fairy Garden at Nana's.  Today before church she was dressed in a pretty blue dress and I thought it would make a cute post for Monday.

Our fairy garden has a elf door along with the key.
 I made the door from an example on Pinterest.  A fairy is our greeter  waiting for visitors!!

A little rock garden for relaxing in an elf chair.

We have planted some fairy flowers.

This afternoon I created a little fenced in area with a cloths line.  I am looking for some miniature clothes pins and little clothes. 
Hope you have a "magical week", we are planning on celebrating Independence Day at a 100 year anniversary of our family homestead.
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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

eXtremely quick shot

Linking with ABC Wednesday for Letter X.  It takes a lot of time to come up with an X word but I thought of the extremely quick shot I took last week on the highway.

On our way to my BIL's farm last week for a day of fun I spotted this highway workman and thought what an eXremely cute photo he would make.  On the way back I spotted him from the passenger seat and snapped a really quick shot.


Looks like he/she has a helmet and face guard!  He does his job directly traffic with eXuberance.



Monday, June 24, 2013

Patriotic Porch

Hooray for the Red, White and Blue. I made a banner for my front porch out of plastic tablecloths.

I had some little stars and stripes buckets too that I found  at a yard sale that I have been waiting to use.

 We're hearing fire crackers already, people are getting ready to celebrate.
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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Pinks in progress

Pinks are growing in my garden.

My wave petunias are really waving.

We like to enjoy morning coffee at this little iron table.
One of my lilium opened up this morning.  Its a deep deep pink.

Working a little this morning before the 90's this afternoon. Enjoying the beautiful sunshine!!!
Hope you're Saturday is a wonderful one.

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Friday, June 21, 2013

College World Series

Today I'm Linking with OH, THE PLACES I'VE BEEN  #10

Sunday for Fathers Day my Daughter and SIL took my hubby and I to the College World Series in Omaha Nebraska.

LSU is my SIL's  team and he's from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. It seems everyone from Louisiana is a LSU fan  and they are fanatics--in a good way.  There was probably about half of the stadium full of LSU fans on Sunday, they traveled from everywhere.

We waited in line for the gates to open and for the first game to conclude.

Lots of booths with all kinds of sports attire and trinkets to purchase.

Oh we had to have a Snowball.

Jase Robinson from "Duck Dynasty" who is from Munroe, Louisiana came to the game and said a few words.  GEAUX TIGERS!!!!!
This fan was having quite a fun time!!! 
My Daughters family

Sadly the Tigers did not win or advance, but we had a great experience.



Tuesday, June 18, 2013

W is for Windmill

Letter W is our subject letter for this week on ABC WEDNESDAY.   My sweet niece gave us this WINDMDILL and we picked it up a few weeks ago.

They purchased a home a few years back and the windmill was in the yard.   She knows how much I love my Kansas garden and thought it would be a nice addition.

Right now it is setting in the corner of my strawberry patch.
I haven't decided if I will paint it, my hubby thinks I should but I really like the aging.  I mean how many farmers get out and paint their big windmills!
It  looks right at home with our tin man.
I have a coffee table book by J R Hamil who does watercolors of Kansas.
One of the paintings he did of a windmill.

"These Windmills on the prairie bring life giving water to the cattle grazing the Flint Hills"
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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Pink Celebration Bouquet

June 12 marks the one year anniversary of my sis Katy being cancer free!!!  My other two sisters and I sent her a pink breast cancer free shirt, Sonic gift card and Walmart gift card in the mail.

We had these flowers delivered to her workplace.

When you send flowers you are never sure what you will eventually get, so I had Katy send me a picture. She lives in a small town 5 hours away, and  I think they did a wonderful job of getting my idea.

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Thank you Beverly for ALL YOU DO!!!!!


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Your View

Today for ABC WEDNESDAY my V word is VIEW.

I came across this photo in my albums and thought about the word VIEW.
My grands are wee little ones then. 

Their VIEW from their box was pretty limited--although they loved their little house.

How is your VIEW?  Do you feel like you live in a box and are isolated from the rest of the world?

Some people keep themselves closed to new ideas, new friends and are afraid of new challenges., their VIEW is so obstructed.

One wonderful thing I've learned from blogging is that there are wonderful people out their with such unique personalities and live such adventurous lives.

Take the leap--learn something new today-make a new friend-plan a trip to somewhere you haven't been before.

The VIEW beyond can be wonderful.

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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Blue Monday

Summer activities have officially started and our grands are busy with lots of new ventures.  This summer they are swimming every day for  six weeks on a swim team.  Here they are and a blue float just happens to be there--I really didn't plant it.

Swimming really does create wonderful endurance, they swim for an hour with only a few small breaks.  They are incorporating several swimming techniques in their routines.

The  High School in our district has a beautiful Olympic size pool that is used for activities for elementary age students in the summer.

Later on this month they will be competing and we can go and watch their mete.    It's so wonderful to see them growing up and developing so many interests.

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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Capalta Tree

On my daily walk around my neighborhood I take a different route each day. I'm walking about 4 miles a day.  This specific day I spotted this GORGEOUS tree I wasn't familiar with.  Some of you will recognize this tree immediately but this is NOT a common tree here in Kansas.

They have the sweetest pink centers of the white clusters of flowers.
This neighbor had two enormous Capalta trees in their front yard. Me being a lover of all things green have already ordered some Capalta seeds from ebay and a fellow blogger I found while looking for a description of the tree has offered to send me a seedling!!!
These trees look like they have been here for ages but I'm willing to give it a try.
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Friday, June 7, 2013

North Pole - Denver, Colorado

We visited The North Pole park in Denver, Colorado with our Grandson, Son and DIL and really enjoyed this fun family destination.

The tram takes you from your car into the park.

It sets in such a beautiful spot, right in middle of the gorgeous mountains!!

This one is my DIL taking a picture of us  taking a picture of them.
The park has great shopping, eating, and lots of rides for children and some for adults too.

Our Grandson posing for a picture for Nana.

I DO NOT like ferris wheels but I agreed to ride because my Grandson wanted me too--look at the attendants face--he is getting a good laugh out of it!!!!
When your at the top of the ferris wheel--and your already on top of the mountain--it looks REALLY high.

The day ended with our Grandson having a heart-to-heart with Santa.  This park is open year round and such a fun place for families.

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Tuesday, June 4, 2013


UN -

My U word for the day is "UN".  Un is a prefix freely used in English to form verbs expressing a reversal of some action or state of removal etc.

When my MIL and cousin would come for Christmas Eve each year we always  exchanged Christmas gifts.  My MIL was in her 80's at the time, she lived to 97--was a beautiful woman.

She wrapped a gift for our cousin and he UNWRAPPED his gift. To his UNBELIEF he opened his gift and found a box of old Christmas cards and empty boxes.

For Me
She UNINTENTIONALLY  AND UNWITTINGLY wrapped a box she had near to the actual gift box with his present. I can't remember what the actual gift was.
You can see by the expression on her face she was UNDONE by what he UNCOVERED.
He UNABASHEDLY laughed for a very long time!!!!!
This is a memory from years ago that we still laugh about.
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