Friday, May 31, 2013

Pink and burlap

My newest annual on my deck is a "Pink Twister Verbena".  I cannot take credit for the burlap, I saw the idea on Pinterest.  I lined the metal plant stand with burlap (3 layers) and then added my soil.  Makes a pretty combination of textures.

Also the fragrance in my back yard is heavenly--my peonies have bloomed this week.

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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Oh The Places I've Been #6


Family vacation several years ago while in Florida we wanted to try to catch large fish on the ocean.  Below is our fishing boat. 

My hubby and I on the right along with two of the skippers.

Trying to reel in my tuna you can see that I have on a safety belt and my hubby is still holding onto me.  It took me awhile to reel him in-probably 25-30 minutes.
My SIL and I and our tuna.


This guy is heavy.

Our package included a two hour fishing trip and the restaurant prepared our tuna along with the sides we chose for dinner. Very deliciously cooked and wonderful restaurant.

Such a fun place--lots of sun and laughter

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

T is for Tiger

Last week after a soccer game we  stopped for lunch at Chick-Filet.  This was family day and they were doing complementary face painting.

One granddaughter wanted to be a TIGER!!!
This make-up artist did this in about 10 minutes and I think It's better than any I've seen at any fair who charges big $$.
My other granddaughter wanted to go simpler - a little kitty cat--and her close friend too.
Now isn't that a ferocious growl?   What a TRIO these three are!!
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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Touch of blue

Would like to share my white wooden teapot plant holder with  some pretty blue and white flowers I found for my deck.  I used my blue glass watering bulb just for more color.

I think the flowers are so sweet and delicate.

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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Pink Metal Artist

Happy Pink Saturday everyone!!  I caught a glimpse of this when I was attending a luncheon last Saturday afternoon and went back to take a picture. You know I'm always on the lookout for pink just about everywhere.  I've exhausted all my pinks from inside my home and until my flowers bloom nicely I am out looking.

Wishing all my blogging friends a pallet of beautiful pink brushstrokes today!!!!
Happy 5th Blogging Birthday to Pink Saturday founder Beverly-you have brought us much joy.


Friday, May 24, 2013

White River Rafting

White water rafting at Noahs Ark River Rafting Co. in Buena Vista, Colorado.

It's exhilarating for sure.  I definitely used the foot anchors inside the raft and kept hold of the rope.  My Son is riding on the back and I'm in the front along with my two granddaughters and Daughter--see were all holding on!

What an adventure, we loved getting all suited up -  can't you tell!!!

The "Crew" ready to go along with our raft captain.    All DRY for now but we're excited.  I would definitely do this again!!!

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

S is for Star

Memorial Day is this coming next Monday so I thought I would try and find something S that would fit the occasion.  Sitting in my sun room is this great little framed STAR.

I've had this little framed piece quite a few years. I used to collect patriotic memorabilia  more than I do now but I couldn't let go of this.

The back says "As a token of our loyalty and respect to the member of your family who serves in the Armed Forces of America".
Iola,  Ks
I imagine this was given out for WWII families considering the frame, glass and actual cloth STAR, paper and cording.

Thank you to Mrs. Nesbitt and Roger for the opportunity to play along each week on our alphabet adventure.


Monday, May 20, 2013

Porch flowers

This weekend I decorated my front porch for summer.  Got my ladder out and purchased some annuals.

I like to use my vintage blue metal student chairs to hold some pots for color.  I used my little red shoe to show we're in OZ and my birdhouses always are not far away.

I used an old clay pipe and planted some mint.


My other little chair is sitting in the front garden.

Found a really cute bird house at a garage sale this weekend, the roof is a license plate.

Hope you are enjoying this new Monday and week like I am.

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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Oh, The Places I've Been #5


One of my favorite trips was a trip that my hubby and I took to South Dakota.  We flew out and rented a car--spent the week sightseeing.

One of the first things we went to was Mount Rushmore.

Each states flag is displayed and a plaque with the states entrance into the union.

It is so majestic up close!!

Just 17 miles from Mt. Rushmore is the Crazy Horse Monument.  This is the worlds largest sculpture and it is still in progress.  It was started in 1948 and after the sculptors death in the 1980's his children have taken over the quest.  It is a non profit undertaking, all done by donations.  When it is finished it will be longer than a cruise ship and taller than a 60 story skyscraper.  It is being sculptured in the Thunderhead Mountain.

This is what the final sculpture will look like.
I did not get a picture of Crazy Horse as it is now, so this one is from the Internet.
His face measures 88'. 

The Badlands cannot be missed. The colors in the rock formations are beautiful. Lots of pinks!

We visited Wind Cave-another beautiful site.

This really took us by surprise, South Dakota has 19,000 recorded archaeological and paleontological sites.
We visited the Mammoth Site in Hot Springs, South Dakota.  This is the largest concentration of Colombian and Woolly Mammoths ever found in their primary content (where they died).  It is remarkable to see the shapes and bones of them laying right there before you!!!

There are many hands-on activities for children--would be a wonderful place to take the whole family.

The Indian culture, the breathtaking badlands and black hills made this trip one to remember.


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

R is for Rust-Oleum

For all of those gardeners who like to spruce up their garden ornamentals,  I found a product that is for concrete.  It transforms all those slabs and statues and gives them a new garden glow.

This is my Wizard of Oz Lion.  He was looking pretty bleak.  He is a concrete statue I found at a garage sale years ago.  The Kansas sun had done a number on him over the seasons.

My Rust-oleum stain really worked well, it is UV/weather resistant.

I gave him two coats and he's ready for summer.

This color is Burnt Brick and they do have a number of other colors.

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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mother to Be on Mothers Day

Today, three beautiful ladies and myself hosted a baby shower for my nephews wife  a soon to be mother. 

From left - Debbie, Lori, Me and Jan.

Her main colors were red, black and pink.

 Our cupcakes were vanilla, chocolate and red velvet.

 Our candy station.   Sugar and Spice

All hand designed onesies.

This is the little dress and hat that I made for the new baby girl.

 Chicken salad and croissants, vegetable trays, hand dipped strawberries, spinach dip, chips and quiche was our lunch.

Our mother to be and her two grandmothers.

A lovely setting with a picture with big brother.

What a very special Mother-To-Be party, 31 ladies and gifts that took an hour to unwrap. Lots of laughter and delicious food.
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