Monday, October 27, 2014

Paul and Paula

"Hey, Hey, Paula" was recorded in 1962 by Ray Hildebrand and Jill Jackson. They were two college students who were attending a small Baptist School in Texas.  They sang every chance they got but no one knew them as yet.

They dropped into a radio station in October of 1962 (unannounced) and asked if they could record a record.  The studio was in the basement of the station. The song was " Hey, Hey, Paula" written by Ray Hildebrand and it went to #1 on the charts by February, 1963. They were encouraged to change their stage names to Paul and Paula after that and they did.

The song sold over 2 million records at the time.  They went all over the world with Dick Clark and Ray tells a story that they were singing on a  BBC Radio Program.  That day they were singing with several groups and the Beatles was one of them.  Paul and Paula was #1 in England so the Beatles got bumped because they ran out of air time!!! The Beatles loved them and asked for a picture with them and their autographs.

In 1965 Ray decided he did not want to continue and that the life was not for him.  They went their separate ways, he got married and settled down and Jill moved to California and continued her singing career.

In  the 1980's Ray started singing contemporary Christian music and was in a group  known as Land & Hildebrand, they sang for 27 years.

He moved his family to Kansas City and worked with The Fellowship Of Christian Athletes until he retired.

He still gets together with Jill from time to time to perform for special occasions.

In September, my husband and I got to meet Ray. He performed at a 50th Anniversary for a friend of ours.  He gave us a CD of hits and some signed pictures of him and Jill and one of them with the Beatles.  What a THRILL to meet an icon from the 1960's,  I remember listening to their music for hours.

My friend Ruthie sang Paula's part on "Hey, Hey, Paula".

Here he is tuning his guitar.

My hubby is a guitarist and they had lots in common, Ray would like to visit our church. Can't wait for that.

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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Pumpkin Pickin Day

My annual trip to select pumpkins was today so I have a few cute pictures to show.  There is a church pretty close to our home who has a pumpkin patch each year. We like to buy our pumpkins there because the proceeds go to their youth department.

Seems there was plenty of blue to shoot.

Lots and lots of pumpkins to choose from.

We all chose a pumpkin to carve!

They created several vignettes to choose from for photo ops.

My pumpkin has a very long stem!

Daughter sharing photos taken with her girls.

The church also had free lunch, trunk or treat and face painting.

Blue stripe chairs in the picnic area.

Finally baby pumpkins in the manger, now that's cute.

Thank you Sally for your Monday opportunity to share our blues.


Thursday, October 23, 2014

October in my neck of the woods

For letter O this week I am featuring whats happening around my house in October.  While driving around my neighborhood I saw some beautiful trees.

I love the reds and yellows and all the leaves lying on the ground.

Another thing going on is family, my Son and his family came for a visit. They live in Colorado and they are so OVERJOYED with the Royals success.  Our Son just wanted to go to a sports store and soak in all the excitement.  There are not too many fans where they live. Of course I bought shirts to go around!!!!

Son picking out his shirt.

Hubby doing his woodworking projects. Table almost done for our daughter.

Going out for BBQ!

Enjoying the grandkids together, they still all fit in the backseat.

I'm loving fall in this part of the country, beautiful weather and fun with family.



Sunday, October 19, 2014


I hope all of my blogging buddies are not getting tired of me posting about our Kansas City Royals, I just wanted to show some pumpkins that my friends did for their front porch.

Our new spelling of October!!

Miss Sally is busy getting all her blues ready, go over and check out her post and all the others!!

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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Win Royals World Series Tickets



Wish me luck, I'm entering a drawing for free tickets to the "World Series"


Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Nubilous is defined as cloudy or foggy.  I often hear our weather man talking about nubilous clouds.

Last spring while out doing some errands, this storm passed through the city. I thought the clouds were unique so I grabbed my phone.

Nubilous comes from the Latin root word nub which means cloud.

I did make my shopping quick, never know what these nubilous clouds will turn into here in Kansas.

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Saturday, October 11, 2014


This town is is going nuts over their Kansas City ROYALS.  Playing in the ALCS (American League Championship Series)  Playoffs has been crazy fun.  We have won the last 6 games in overtime!!!!

Our Saturday game just ended and we WON this one too. We are ahead in the series 2 games to 0. The series comes to Kansas City on Monday night for game 3. I have friends who have tickets--lucky them.

Here's some of the great images I have found.

Kansas City is also the city of fountains and here's one of them with blue water!!

The last time we were in the playoffs was 1985 when we won the World Series. This is so appropriate.

This is how I'm feeling today!!

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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Marked Tree

ABC WEDNESDAY is the place to be to share your weekly letters. Today is letter M and I have a share from our vacation trip this summer.

While driving to New Orleans we passed through MARKED TREE, Arkansas.  The name was so intriguing to me and I had to do some research.

Marked Tree is in the southern end of the New Madrid Fault.  The city got its name from an oak  tree located on the bank of the Francis River.

Osage and Cherokee Indians roamed the woods and enjoyed fishing in the two rivers.  MARKED TREE is also noted for having two rivers a quarter of a mile apart but both flow in opposite directions.

The Indians slashed the oak tree to mark a crossing point on land to avoid paddling 12 miles upstream to reach the other bank.  The tree stood until 1890 when undermining caused the tree to fall into the river.  While digging in 1970 for a new bridge a large well preserved oak was unearthed. The workers brought the trunk back to the town and it is displayed with a historical marker.

Unlike many cities MARKED TREE is the only city with this name in the world.

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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Long time coming

For ABC WEDNESDAY this week our letter is L.  Our Kansas City Fans are in a tither.  The Kansas
City Royals won the wild card game and are in the playoffs for the first time in 29 years!!!!

The game went 12 innings and we won in the bottom of the 12th, couldn't hardly breath.

It's been a LONG TIME COMIN!

Our fans have been LOYAL and stuck with them through the LOW years and now we're LOVIN the

The playoffs start tonight and LOTS of us will be watching the game!!

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