Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy (Hoppy) Easter

As a sign of new life our church foyer was the setting for a rabbit and chick enclosure. Our little ones really enjoyed the darling little fellows.

Everyone had their phones taking family shots in their Easter finery.

Of-course we were no exception.

Hubbv and I and our granddaughters.

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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Just Say No

With the passing of former First Lady Nancy Reagan this past week I thought I would post about her initiative to stop drug use.

"Drugs take away the dream from every child's heart and replace it with a nightmare, and it's time we in America stand up and replace those dreams....Nancy Reagan.

In 1982 she was visiting with school children in Oakland, California and a small little girl asked her what to do when she was offered drugs and the First Lady said "Just Say No". It was a phrase coined from Mrs. Reagan off the top of her head, not created by any agency.

She was a formidable campaigner for her cause, in 1988 there were more than 12,000 "Just Say No Clubs" across the country.

There is no definite number of decreases of the use but cocaine use by high-school seniors dropped by one-third in the 1980's.

She made 14 anti-drug speaches in 1984 and 110 appearances. She visited 65 cities in thirty-three states and 9 foreign countries.

President Reagan signed a proclamation in 1986 creating the first "Just Say No to Drugs Week".
She was the first lady to address the United Nations.
Found this photo of six of our former First Ladies, aren't they classy ladies?

Sadly I am aware that some of pundits say that the campaign was a failure, but as Mrs. Reagan said if it helps ONE CHILD it is worth the effort.

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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Indian Head

Letter I this week is for Indian Head.

In Kansas City in the 1940s a walk-up diner was built.  It was 15" tall and 10' wide.  Today it would be politically incorrect but then it was just a great fun attraction.

In 1953, two brothers purchased and carried on the tradition but started offering hamburgers and hot dogs.

I found this Kansas Postcard, "Big Chief under a Big Kansas Sky" by Mike Boss.

Think I might order this!!

After looking on google I found a couple of other examples on the same theme.

And how about all those gorgeous Pontiac Indian Head Hood Ornaments.  I found a record of hood ornaments from 1934-1954.

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