Saturday, June 27, 2015

Front Porch 2015

For Pink Saturday I'd like to show my front porch decorations this summer.  If you know my blog, you know I love bird houses and flowers almost of any kind.

This summer I added a settee on the front porch to use when it is cool.

I've freshly painted all my bird houses this summer.

There is a gnome, birdhouse or plant just about everywhere to enjoy.

I really enjoy all the splashes of pinks, reds, purple and yellow that greet you.

I also tried my hand at one of those clay pot wreaths from Pinterest, turned out nice.

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Wednesday, June 24, 2015


It's always fun (ha ha) finding a good word for X.  I did some searching and found the word XENIAL.

It's not a word you use everyday but I found that it has a really good meaning.  Xenial means to be hospitable especially to strangers or foreigners.

It's easy to go out of our way to help members of our family if they need help but what about a stranger?

If someone needs help at the grocery reaching an item on the top shelf-do you help? Do you hold doors for strangers?  Have you ever randomly helped a stranger with an extra few dollars to meet their tab?  I have but not nearly enough!!!!

Here's a good quote I think that expresses the meaning.

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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Bat Boy

I caught a glimpse of our little bat boy on Saturday. Our granddaughter plays on a 13-14 year old team "The Crushers".

The bat boy was having a really good time.

The "Crushers" uniforms are blue and orange.

Our granddaughter up to bat. They won this game in overtime by one run.

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Friday, June 19, 2015

Childhood bicycle

I have a before and after project to share with you all today.

I am fortunate enough to still have my childhood bike that my parents bought me in 1957!!! There are just a few things that have survived and this is one and the other is a bride doll that I got for Christmas in 1958.

I have had my bike sitting in one of my gardens for a few years, everyone had suggested leaving it the original but it was rusting so badly.

It took one day to sand (and I mean SAND) all the rust off that I could manage. I bought spray paint in the original colors of my bicycle which were light gray and pink.

Everything is original.  The only thing that is new is the tassels I purchased on the internet. The tires are flat but I don't intend to actually ride it.

The seat is in really bad shape so for now I just covered it with pink packing tape.

My bicycle sits in my Wizard of Oz garden and TOTO is sitting in the basket.

I found this little black ironstone Scottie years ago.

This is my bicycle before I did anything to it.

She will winter in the garden shed as to keep it from any further weather damage. I sprayed it with a sealer after painting also.

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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Weeping Spruce

ABC Wednesday is now on the letter W--almost over.  My word is Weeping Spruce this week.
We planted this several years ago and our spruce was about 3' tall.

It's not broke, it really is suppose to look droopy. The tree takes a prominent spot in the back yard.
My lilies are in bloom for some pretty color.

I think we need to extend our Martin House a few feet next year.

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Monday, June 15, 2015

New Fairy Garden

My granddaughter and I made a new fairy garden this year in a smaller container.
I have several of these old wooden crates and it's a really good size to put all of the little elements you want.

I bought the little blue bridge and canopy last summer at a specialty shop and added the rest this year.
Found the pretty blue stones for the river.

We cut a milk jug in half and Olivia  hot glued all the stones and moss for the adorable fairy house.

 She also made a door out of popsicle sticks and painted it a neon green.  I found a small plant that matches the colors and painted the outside of the wooden crate.

It was such a fun project for us to do together.

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Monday, June 8, 2015


I've been sprucing up the front porch with new flowers. One of the elements in a stepladder with bird houses and a few plants.

Today you can find all three of my gnomes hanging out!!!

Sweet potato vine grows really well in my ceramic pot--just getting started.

Hoping you are having a blue-te-ful Monday.

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Saturday, June 6, 2015


Linking with Miss Beverly at PINK SATURDAY.

My Peony plants have bloomed and gone but I've got some pretty photos of my pinks.

The fragrance in our yard was wonderful--my very favorite flower.

Hope you all are doing well with the summer, we have had rain everyday for over 35 days. We do need some sunshine for my tomatoes!!!!


Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Unwanted home-run ball

Linking with ABC WEDNESDAY this week with my letter U word. I have a pet peeve to share and that is throwing back the opposing teams UNWANTED home run hit.

The Chicago Cubs fans are the primary ones who practice this, however other fans from other stadiums have followed suit.

The tradition began in the 1970's when a stage play "bleacher bums" was popular in the Chicago area.
The fans believe that it is cool to throw the ball back onto the field--they believe someone gives you garbage you give it back.

Well I say its disrespectful!!!! Don't you know any kid who would love to have a ball from a MLB team game? Even if you don't want it.  Come on you can take the criticism from a few in your section cant you?

Some fans bring "decoy balls"--and after they catch the game ball--they throw back another they brought from home. IT'S STILL DISRESPECTFUL  to me.

Here's a pic  of a fan from Chicago doing the deed.

From WGN news

Am I alone in this? What do you think?

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