Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Outdoor Wednesday - New Scarecrow


I have a strawberry patch and I'm getting red strawberries.  EXCEPT for the ones the birds want to take bites out of.  I did some reading on the internet on ways to deter these little feathery critters and found a few suggestions.

My grandgirls and I made a scarecrow this weekend.

He's standing in the middle of the strawberry patch. 

My artists:

They put a great big ole smile on him , I don't know how scarry he is!!!

I used one of those garden oil lamps you can buy at Big Lots for 2.00 and had hubby nail a board across the back to make his arms.  I took an old pillow case and stuffed his head with plastic bags. Put a hat on I already had with built- in green hair.  Used a flannel shirt.

I also read that birds dislike snakes so I purchased 4 plastic snakes at Cracker Barrel and set them on all corners of the garden.

Hope this really works.  Even if it dosen't he looks pretty cute in the OZ yard, along with the tinman.


Monday, May 30, 2011

Blue Monday - Memorial Day


Happy Memorial Day all my dear blogging friends. I have a vintage image to share today. I think it says it all. Will be going to decorate MIL's grave today.

Be safe today.


Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday Stamps # 21 - People honored by a stamp

Today I'm featuring a stamp of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Roosevelt was the only man to ever be elected to the Presidency four times.  Less than 3 months into his forth term he suddenly died.

No other president has had a greater impact of the American life.  His bold programs helped  pull the nation out of the Great Depression.   I spoke to my Mother this morning, she would have been 17 in 1944 and remembers the long bread lines that her family stood in and how her Dad was out of work and no jobs were to be had.

He also lead America to victory over the axis powers in World War II.  My Dad was in the Army/Airforce in 1945 and was a radio tower operator.

One of Roosevelt's greatest accomplishments and most lasting legacies is far removed from politics.  A polio victim himself, he brought the nation's attention to the disease and founded the March of Dimes in 1938.

This stamp was issued to commemorate the 100th anniversary of this birth.

Since this is Memorial Day Observance, I thought I would post a Veterans Administration stamp.

The Veterans Administration was created on July 21, 1930, by consolidating several smaller agencies created after the Revolutionary War.  At it's 50th anniversary the VA's programs covered 30 million living veterans.  At the same time, the VA still provided support for windows and children of the civil war.

The GI Bill was intituted in June 1944.  My husband served during the Viet Nam era and  used the G.I. Bill to help achieve his associates and bachelor's degrees!!!

Hope you enjoyed my patriotic review today.

Happy Stamping.


Friday, May 27, 2011

Pink Saturday - Celebrating It's 3rd Birthday

Beverly @http://howsweetthesound.typepad.com/my_weblog/ is the creator of PINK SATURDAY.  She is just the sweetiest and pinkiest girl in the whole of blogland.

Beverly this  is my birthday card to you:

My contribution for Pink Saturday this week is a vintage pink and white vase I purchased at a garage sale last week for $2.00.

It has a pretty scallloped white on the back.  The owner said it belonged to her Mom, I wouldn't have sold it but it was nice for me.

My giveaway for the 3rd Birthday gift was this book "Junk Beautiful"  by Sue Whitney.

Out of 19 possible winners - the winner is #15 - Mecky from Kettle Korn Kottage.

Congrats to Mecky--I will let you know on your blog and find out your mailing address.

Have a wonderful time at the party--take some time--visit with as many guests as you can.



Thursday, May 26, 2011

Vintage Thingie Thursday


Have you been hittin those garage sales?? We've been having quite a few around here.  AND and new hugh antique mall really close.

I bought these two items this week for use in outside gardening.

An old commercial dust pan.  I attached to the house and will plant annuals.

A couple of hay picks I plan on using as plant hangers.

I know they are sharp, I will hang them high enough so no one runs into them!!!

Thank you Suzanne for hosting this great meme for all of us dumpster divers, garage sale gals, rummage sale   fashionistas and downright thrifty girls


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Old fashioned red roses, new annuals, pinks

My first week with Traci at http://fishtailcottage.blogspot.com/

I'm really enjoying this Spring, the weather has been in the 70's in the mornings, so I have been able to be out planting, weeding and mowing for the last couple of weeks.

I bought a few new tintage tins and have planted some annuals in a gorgeous old red and white Sexton Spice tin.

My pinks in three shades.

My old fashioned roses are so brillant this year and fragrant.
I take several strolls a day on this side of the house taking in the fragrance and have cut some for vases.

Hope you enjoy.


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday Stamps # 20 - Folk Culture or handcrafts


Our subject today is Folk Culture or handcrafts.  My family has a long Indian Heritage, we have Cherokee, and Creek Indian ancestors for certain.   Since this prevails in our family I would like to share some Folk Indian Masks.

The Indian Clans placed great emphasis on on family and clan relationships, and  traced each clan 's ancestry to a mythical animal. 

The spirit masks were sacred and jealously guarded possessions.  Fashioned of steamed and bent  wood , the intricately carved masks often had moving parts.

They used black paint derived from charcoal or soft lignite coal and red was made from iron ores.  The blues were from copper sulphide. 

The Tlingit mask represents an animal spirit. The Bella Coola mask  personifies a whistling spirit.

What a proud people the Indian's were and should occupy a very honored place in our life today.


Friday, May 20, 2011

Pink Saturday - Peonies and Birthday giveaway

My hot pink peonies bloomed this week.  I'm so EXCITED, they are doing better this spring than in years before. Lot of buds to bloom.

Since next Saturday the 28th of May is PINK SATURDAYS third birthday, I'm having a birthday present giveaway.  I will be drawing the winners name next Friday night and post the winner next Saturday at the Birthday Party.

To be included just leave a comment on my post, you do NOT need to become a follower, but I'd love if you did.

If you love all things junk you will love this giveaway.  JUNK BEAUTIFUL OUTDOOR EDITION book  by Sue Whitney, founder of Junkmarket.

I have a copy of this book and I had to give one away too. It has so many fun ideas for your landscape.

Here's a glimpse of the inside: Notice all the PINK.

I'm going to go on over and start looking at all the Pink Saturday posts. Have a wonderful day.


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Outdoor Wednesday - Baby birds


I have a budding photographer who just took this picture last week. My 7 year old granddaughter loves birds as much as we do.  She caught these baby birds waiting for mama to bring dinner!!!

My roses have bloomed and hubby brought these in yesterday and put them in a vase to enjoy inside.

Hope you are enjoying your Spring where ever you live.


Monday, May 16, 2011

Blue Monday - Precious little fisherman


Today I'm sharing the most precious picture of my great-niece Maddison.  Her grandma-my sis took this picture last week, her little brothers have ones like this and they are all made into 8 x 10's.

My sister e-mailed this to me, hopefully you can enlarge to see it pic better.  Maddie has a blue bow on her fishing hat along with the blue coveralls.
I tried to enlarge, but it distorts the photo.

Hope you all have fantastic blue mondays today.


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday Stamps


Alas, looked for Mothers Day stamps or any with just a mother and couldn't find any.

I do really like this stamp which highlights the relationship between Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan.

Anne through her fingertips used words to bring the sights and sounds of the world to her isolated pupil.
They walked through the Alabama countryside, went to Church--Anne became a mother figure,  teacher to Helen.

This stamp honors their lifelong friendship, courage and love.

This stamp was first issued on the centennial of Helen Keller's birth.


Saturday, May 14, 2011

Pink Saturday - Mothers Day Card from Daughter


Happy 3rd Birthday Pink Saturday - what a great milestone!  Let's celebrate with Beverly and visit all those wonderful pink posts.

Today I'm sharing my Mothers Day card from my daughter. She also bought me a beautiful bible carrier.

She knows I love pink and the card was embossed with beautiful pink butterflies.

These roses were presented to all of our Moms on Mothers Day at church. So pretty!!!!

Hope you enjoy your pinks today!!!!!


Thursday, May 12, 2011

Vintage Thingie Thursday - Unique Storage Idea


Joining Suzanne today for Vintage Thingie Thursday. 

I'm always looking for different ways to store craft items, instead of just plastic and cardboard.  Awhile back I bought this WWII Ammo Box.  It has been painted-would like it better original, but still like it.

I store my craft glue ect. in there.

Have a fun day looking at all the blogs and their great VTT stuff.

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