Friday, October 23, 2015


The month of October is a busy one here in Kansas City.  I adore all the color in our trees and the cool of the air. Allergy season is ending - thanks goodness.

Featuring a fall picture today that my double-cousin painted for our house last year.

Our lives have been so busy with my Mom living with us as my sister having open heart surgery earlier this month.  Here is KK wearing a pink wig in Cardiac Care sporting her pink wig--breast cancer survivor also.

She is scheduled to go back to her home next Wednesday, she is certainly excited.

Another thing about October "I'ts Baseball".  Our Kansas City Royals are in the ALCS playoffs games 6 tonight. We need to WRAP this thing up and on to play the Mets.

Hoping to get back to blogging more now since KK and Mom are going to resume their lives.



Thursday, October 8, 2015

Major Surgery

Today is the letter M and my entry is major surgery. I have not posted for several weeks because one of my younger sister is going through quite a medical dilemma.

She has been suffering from swelling of the limbs and problems with major organs for over a year. In the small town hospital the doctors were not able to diagnose the problem.  A week ago she was transferred by ambulance to a hospital here and after 3 days a diagnose was obtained.

She had pericarditis which is the calcification of the sac around the heart. When this occurs the heart is constricted and not able to beat freely and supply the body with needed blood flow. It is caused by an infection/virus that becomes attached to the heart.

It is open heart surgery and took 6 hours to remove the calcification.

If  you want to learn more you can read here

The doctors say they only see one in every couple of months and is quite risky.  To say the least it has been quite a stressful week for all of especially my Mom who is in her late eighties.

KK is now out of ICU and is on her way to healing, Cardiac therapy starts in a few days.

A picture of my Mom and Sis KK after surgery.

Know it's a heavy post, but I wanted to document what happened to my sweet sister.


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