Saturday, November 12, 2016

Veterans Breakfast

HyVee grocery chain here in Kansas City served the Veterans and their families a wonderful breakfast on Friday.  They were predicted 9,000 people served.

I accompanied by hubby and his friend and got some fabulous pictures.  The local police department presented the Colors and they all felt so honored. Many tears were shed.

Local high school and elementary students were servers. HyVee gave each one a huge selection of any breakfast item they wanted. It was so special.

My hubby in the light blue shirt saluting the flag.

There were red and blue balloons, streamers and flags to decorate every inch.

Every branch and conflict was represented.

I saw this gentlemen and had to know more about him. He is 96 years old and was in WWII, he was in the US Navy as a Corpsman in the Marshall Islands. He went in in 1945, the same year my Dad did. My Dad would have been around his age this year but we lost him to cancer 25 years ago.

Three good friends-left to right John (Army) Hubby (Air Force) and Charles (Navy).

A day to remember for sure.

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LV said...

What q great way to honor and remember this special day. So wonderful many attended.

Anonymous said...

Such a wonderful tribute. Your photos are very heartwarming.

Joy H said...

Great post! Love our veterans. My nephew is serving in the Army in Iraq now. Pray everyday for his safe return.
Joy @ Books and Life

Jeanne said...

Dear Ann, This post is so moving and wonderful it brought me to tears. What a wonderful celebration serving breakfast to our veterans. Your photos tell this beautiful heartwarming story. Your hubby is a keeper. Big smile here.

Sorry this comment is so late. We were out of town and driving home from FL.

Happy Blue Monday and thank you for sharing this great post.

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