Monday, August 15, 2016

Back to school

There are students from every state starting school this week, seems early but they get out mid May so I suppose it's the same.

Our two grandgirls are starting Junior High and Senior High.

We are praying for good experiences, great teachers, new friends and success.

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Nonnie said...

Very pretty young ladies. Wishing them a wonderful school year. They look ready for it.

bj said...

Hoping your pretty girls have a great year...we have 3 starting their freshman year in collage and our youngest grandgirl will be a Freshman in high school....did we even HAVE a summer...good gosh, it's only 4 short months until Christmas...whew

Annesphamily said...

Best wishes to these pretty young ladies. I hope they have wonderful experiences. Good teachers really do make such a huge difference. Their picture is very sweet, my friend in Michigan will send her child off after Labor Day. I think all schools should do that. They complain about money and it should be there for schools. It is sad America is in the bottom for education. We try to do so much to help the young ones succeed. We are proud of Nick with his running. It made him work harder and smarter. He has been on the Dean's List all four years at school. We head back this weekend to take him to Salina. His coach resigned due to his dad's illness so we hope the new coach is great. He was in OK and Nick's friend did not know his coach left until Nick told told Josh the coach was coming to his school. But Nick is needing one class and if they do not offer it he will graduate in December and come home to find work. My goodness does time fly. I will be praying for these beautiful grand girls. Take care Ann. xo

Jeanne said...

Hello Ann, The girls are so darling. I hope they have a wonderful school year. Our youngest grandson just graduated from HS. Now 6 of our grands are in college. One is married and one is working and making a life for himself. They grew so fast so enjoy your grands every day. I know you are.
Thanks for joining Blue Monday.
xo, Jeanne

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