Saturday, January 30, 2016

Kitchen night light

For Anythings Goes PINK SATURDAY  I am showing a new light I bought for our kitchen.  Feel like changing things up a bit for the new year.

My new "EAT" sign fits the bill, we love the way it lights everything up after dark.

For those who follow me they know I love industrial pieces.

Enjoying January de-cluttering, introducing new pieces and enjoying the downtime.



Jeannie Marie said...

Adorable! It reminds me of my nephews wife who put an EAT DRINK AND BE MERRY sign in her kitchen and when I was there she had Christmas lights around it. I loved it and took a picture of it and put it on Instagram. Yours is even nicer! Happy Pink Saturday!

Carol Z said...

I'm in the market for new kitchen lighting and enjoyed seeing your choice. I'm hoping to keep up the decluttering, but so far haven't made much headway in 2016.

Peggy Jones said...

We bought our house while it was under construction and did not realize there was no light fixture directly over the sink. I keep saying I am going to get one but just put it off. I love your new light. Thanks for stopping by. Happy Pink Saturday to you also.

LV said...

Would have never though of that, but I really mike the idea. Nice job.

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