Saturday, March 14, 2015

Happy Pi Day

Visiting PINK SATURDAY today for Pi Day.

I heard this on the local news this morning and had to find something PINK so I could post about it!!

The first 5 digits of pi is: 3141592653--the next time it happens will be 3-14-2115.  So at 9:26 at the 53rd second  this morning it was officially was Pi Day.   I do not claim to know all the significance of Pi but WICKEPEDIA sure does. Check out all the information.

The US House of Representatives passed a non binding resolution recognizing 3-14 as National Pi Day a few years ago.

Quite a few people celebrate having pie, there were so many images on google today.

However this is the pie we had recently. One of my granddaughters LOVES the little apple pies at McDonald's  You can get two of these delicious little pies for $1.00.

We had a sleep-over and made a McDonald's run at night.

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Nancy McCarroll said...

Your mom looked good in her bubble wrap in a previous post. Hope she continues to prosper!

LV said...

Have not tried those little pies. I love all pies especially an old fashion fired pie.

Theresa said...

Coconut cream pie is my favorite:) Enjoy your celebration of Pi! HUGS!

Kaye Swain said...

Oh how fun! Wish I could do pi projects with my grandkids - but not this week, I'm afraid :) Thanks for the info - it was a delightful visit for Pink Saturday :)

Deborah Kay at The Paint Splash said...

Fun Pi day post. I heard about it but had no idea what it was lol. love ya Sis

Janet said...

The apple pies are the only thing I like at McDonalds. On occasion, I've gotten two of 'em for lunch!

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