Tuesday, September 4, 2012

ABC Wednesday - Her Hands


  Her Hands by Maggie Pittman

Her hands held me gently from the day I took my first breath
Her hands helped to guide me as I took my first step.
Her hands held me close when the tears would start to fall.
Her hands were quick to show me that she would take care of it all.

Her hands were there to brush my hair, or straighten a wayward bow.
Her hands were often there to comfort the hurts that didn't always show.
Her hands helped hold the stars in place, and encouraged me to reach.
Her hands would clap and cheer and praise when I captured them at length.

Her hands would also push me, though not down or in harms way.
Her hands would punctuate the words, just do what I say.
Her hands sometimes had to discipline, to help bend this young tree.
Her hands would shape and mold me into all she knew I could be.

Her hands are now twisting with age and years of work,
Her hand now needs my gentle touch to rub away the hurt.
Her hands are more beautiful than anything can be.
Her hands are the reason I am me.

My Mom Nellie

This poem describes my beautiful Mom who is now 86.  Her hands are twisted with arthritis but she dosen't complain.  I can remember as a child how she made so many of my school clothes and put my hair in a ponytail.  How she clapped her HANDS when I performed in my school programs or played my violin in a school concert.

Her hands were busy helping others in our church, cooking all of our meals, waving goodby all the way down the street when we were going somewhere and anxious for us to get back.

Another poem written in 1865 by William Ross Wallace was written to praise motherhood.  "The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world", the poem was written to show that mothers were a preeminent force for change in the world.

I've got to give a HAND to the team members of ABC Wednesday who I am linking with today for ABC Wednesday.



Marilyn said...

Beautiful mom and tribute to her!♥♫

The French Hutch said...

Hi Anne, Your mom is beautiful and you are so blessed to have her. What a lovely tribute!

The French Hutch

Roger Owen Green said...

that is so sweet!

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

PhenoMenon, ABCW Team said...

Brilliant and heartfelt...

PhenoMenon, ABCW Team

eJoops said...

A beautiful tribute.

Hygiene, your comment will be highly appreciated.
Have a great Wednesday

Penelope Postcards said...

Such a heartfelt poem by Maggie Pittman. Your mom looks youthful and reminds me a little of the gorgeous rose on her lapel. :)

J.Rye said...

How loving.

Human Nest
Come and see.

chubskulit said...

Your mom looks beautiful!

Rose, ABC Wednesday Team

Deborah Kay at The Paint Splash said...

This is beauitful and describes our momma perfectly! Love you sis

joy said...

this post made me teary eyed. Really touching. Thanks for visiting . I appreciate it very much. Have a nice day. Your mother is lucky to have you too!

Lmkazmierczak said...

Hands down! An Awesome Post♫♪

Tito Eric said...

Stirring, indeed. A lovely mom you have, Ann :)

Cheri said...

What a lovely tribute to your mom. I'm sure she's touched by the gesture. You're lucky to have her in your life.

Rita said...

Lovely tribute to your mother. She is the same age as my mother. And, yes my mothers hands are also racked with crooked fingers but hers are due to broken bones that she insisted on setting herself and apparently not very well, all in the name of saving a trip to town and a doctor bill.

I wish I could find a way to instill in my daughters generation all those great qualities the women of my mothers age seem to come by naturally.

Laloofah said...

Your mom is lovely! She looks nowhere near 86! Obviously, you weren't the kind of child who caused her to age. :-)

I'm loving your background of the ripened golden grain blowing in the wind! Beautiful!

Annesphamily said...

A beautiful tribute to your precious mom! She is beautiful!

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