Friday, October 29, 2010


Beverly @ has given us the option to post our halloween pictures today.  I have been going through pictures of our children as they grew up celebrating halloween.  I have to tell ya, I have been teary eyed and had a lump in my throat all week - they are now 40 and 36.

Here are my two goblins.

Little Hobo and Raggedy Ann Ages 5 and 2

Star Wars !!!!!! Ages 7 and 4

Raggedy Ann and Mr. Ghoul Ages 10 and 7

Our Indian Princess Age 8

Sweet Clown  Age 10

 1980's  Punk Rocker  age 12

Now to share a new pink blogsite I've just visited.  Valarie @ has a wonderful blog.  She loves to craft fantastic items using glitter which I love. Go visit her today.

Hope you all have a wonderful and safe Halloween.



The Paint Splash said...

Oh this is cute. It's so awesome to have so many pictures of your kids.

Nancy said...

Just precious. I understand the teary eyes! Happy Pink Saturday and Happy Halloween!

Jacalyn @ said...

Such great pictures! That swap you were in sounds like fun too!

Happy Halloween and PS,

Roberta said...

Happy Halloween and Pink Saturday ;) Just love seeing the old photos and costumes. I found a photo of me and my sisters from 1965...the year my dad was in Vietnam and mom bought us those plastic costumes in a box...oh lordie they were awful ;) But that's all we wanted back then. Have a great weekend, and be sure to hop on over and say hello and check out my giveaway for all my subscribers. Fondly, Roberta

Julie said...

What fun pictures! I know it always seems hard to believe they're not our little kids any more. Mine will be 31 this year. Seems like yesterday he was in one of those clown costumes.

LV said...

I have done the same thing you did. However, I try to dwell on how happy they made me when little. How wonderful it is to have photos to go back through. My only regret is not putting dates on all of mine.

Donnie said...

Loved your Pink Halloween Saturday post. They were all so cute.

Anonymous said...

Adorable and so creative! HPS!

Incipient Wings said...

how precious!

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